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Friday, June 25th, 2010

More Than A  Picket at AZ Christian Zionist Mega-Church

Renee’s Family Vigil

Renee Houlihan stood once more in front of her home church, Calvary Community Church, of Phoenix, on Father’s Day, June 20, holding a Project Strait Gate sign reading “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” and passing out l iterature and free DVDs to any church member who showed an interest.   She and her informal group,  ranging from six to only one-‘ Renee — have been there each Sunday since May 2.

Renee, a mother of six, along with members of her family and a handful of We Hold These Truths volunteers, plan to stay until Calvary Community disavows its love affair with Zionist Israel and its support for the occupation of the Palestinian people.  Her team has passed out some 200 DVDs of documentary presentation they consider to be balanced stories of the occupation.

Asked how her Sunday vigils make her feel, she replied without hesitation:  “I am the voice for those in Gaza who have no voice… it makes me feel really good.”

Renee was raised a Southern Baptist and attended community churches all her life.  She says she was taught that “Israel was the chosen people” everywhere she went. Her awakening began about the tim e of the second bombing of Iraq in 2003 as a result of facts she learned from secular sources, and not from one word spoken by her church.  She learned the stories about weapons of mass destruction that persuaded many of her Zionist friends to support the attack were lies. She is now sure that church people are the ones most victimized by this deception.

More recently, she learned about the Zionists’ distortions of Biblical scripture.  She believes Jesus’ statements: blessed are the peacemakers, love you brother and even your enemy.  She says Jesus was the final sacrifice, and she no longer believes the form of pro-Israel racism she was taught at Calvary Community.

A six weeks Calvary course on Islam, taught by a professed former Muslim and focusing on how evil Muslims are by nature, was a turning point for Renee.  She notes the church has no classes on Judaism and the Talmud… She says that part-way through the cour se she found herself beginning to hate Muslims, though she did not know any.  She said, “we were not speaking the word of God.”

Renee observes that Pastor Mark talks about Israel occasionally, and he “preaches all night about loving your neighbor,” but he can not make a connection between this and what Israel is doing.  She tells a story about how Pastor Mark goes to Israel and is entertained by generals and politicians and then “comes back and regurgitates what he was told to the congregation… he, too, is deceived.”

Pastor Mark of Calvary Community expresses concern about the people of Iraq: “we are not against them, only against the government.”  Renee has this to say: ” if Pastor Mark understands what is going on, then he is one of the most evil men in the world.” “If he knows he is being lied to and duped that is scary.” “To give him the benefit of the doubt, he is wise in his own eyes… he buys Israel’s line, but he is not being discernin g.”

Renee’s objective is to make people come to Christ’s teachings.   She decided to picket after becoming convinced she was being lied to and that “people are dying, children are dying, and the church is supporting the lie.”  What does she hope to accomplish?  Renee wants to have an open dialogue with Calvary church goers “because they don’t understand their own deception and they need to know what we are doing about it.”  We are saying this is wrong and this is not the way Christ would do it.

We asked Renee if she first spoke to her pastor.  She said no, because he cannot be reached, and she was only allowed to talk to his secretary.

Project Strait Gate has had this same experience many times.  Access to a mega-church pastor is tougher than getting an audience with a Senator.

Several people tell Renee they have watched her free video.  One told Renee it was she who was deceived, b ut the person refused to state whether he had watched the entire video.  One family said they watched with great interest but the video they watched did not show the connection between their own church and  the crimes they witnessed against the Palestinians; another woman attempted to persuade a third party not to watch Renee’s video.  To all of these Renee answered with references to scripture or to Jesus’ acts.  She has learned not to allow secular arguments to divert her from her task.

You may join Renee and hold one of We Hold These Truths signs, providing you will stick to Renee’s principals of quiet persuasion.

If you are too far from Phoenix to be there for one hour on Sundays, perhaps you would like to start your own vigil team wherever you are in the U.S.  We assure you, there is a Christian Zionist church in your area, perhaps several dozen if you live in a metropolis.

If you are unsure, here is the message we wish all church members could see.  The Tragedy and The Turning, Project Strait Gate’s new DVD that explains in just 35 minutes the phenomenon called Judeo-Christianity. ( )

Your invitation to join Renee:


Call her: 602 751 0279
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303 238 1168

Why every city  needs a Project Strait Gate

Why War In Gaza? (Charles Carlson March 2002)

Toward the Strait Gate,
Charles E. Carlson, Director
We Hold These Truths
Project Strait Gate
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True To Character, Zionists Hit Again !

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Posted on 15. Jun, 2010 by Raja Mujtaba in Opinion

White House Correspondent Helen Thomas—A Casualty of Zionist Duplicity

Editor’s Note: “James Rockefeller has seen all this happening from within. There is no better person more qualified to speak on these issues. Till now, Rockefeller worked from behind, his names never appeared anywhere on the print, now for the first time he has broken the shroud and come out to throw light on such issues.He was so careful that being a regular reader of Opinion Maker, he would send me his comments in private but never commented on the website.

Now that he has broken the silence, we all need to welcome him with open arms and hope to hear more from him.”

By James M. Rockefeller

Helen Thomas

Zionist operatives ambushed veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, a friend and a great American. When they won, America lost.

When reviewing the unedited video of her “interview,” what you see is a rabbi rephrasing her answers to a question about Israel. Her response: “They should get the hell out of Palestine.“ The United Nations long ago endorsed that stance.

It was not Thomas but the rabbi that offended the Jewish community. Language cited as “anti-Semitic” came not from her but from responses that the rabbi restated as leading questions. She simply spoke the truth: Jewish settlers should leave the occupied territories and, as she rightly said: “go home.”

The rabbi, an operative for the Anti-Defamation League, knew what he was doing when he ensnared this frail and distinguished 89-year old journalist. The ADL and other Zionist strategists have long sought her removal from this influential position.

This operation was carried out as part of Jewish Heritage Week, a first in White House history. Nothing was said about the perils to which America has long been subjected due to its entangled alliance with the Jewish state.

The campaign to force Thomas’ removal was led by former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. Recall that Fleischer is the Zionist insider who repeatedly insisted that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

How did those seeking recognition for their “Jewishness” repay the trust of a nation and its people? Zionist operatives targeted the only reporter who challenged Israel’s nuclear weapons program. By bushwhacking her on the White House lawn, Zionists reconfirmed that they are, in fact, in control.

No one dared mention how Zionist Heritage has ravaged America from within. Or how Zionism was aided by a series of pathetic presidents and advisers offering their unflinching support for an increasingly unstable Israeli leadership.

The Tel Aviv Two-Step

In the same news cycle when the current White House press secretary portrayed Thomas’ remarks as “reprehensible,” nothing was said about the Turkish-American teenager shot in the head when Israeli forces boarded a Gaza relief flotilla. As “our” media fixated on Ms. Thomas, the public’s attention was diverted from that murder.

What is reprehensible is this: no U.S. journalist has shown the courage to challenge a U.S. president on Israel.  When President Obama gave his first news conference, it was Helen Thomas who asked which country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons. Rather than reply, he did the Tel Aviv Two-Step and avoided her question.

That’s a key reason an ADL operative targeted her. The strategic objective: to serve notice that NO ONE can pose honest questions about the many perils that the U.S.-Israel “special relationship” poses to the security of the U.S. and other nations.

Why Now?

When the latest “terrorist incident” fizzled in Times Square, the U.N. was then advancing an agenda pursued by President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s: a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. In a historic U.N. vote, even the U.S. agreed—over Israeli objections—to make the Middle East a Nuclear Free Zone.

That treaty would mandate that Israel dismantle its nuclear arsenal. An idealistic young U.S. president was vigorously pursuing that goal when his life was brought to an abrupt end. As the first woman to serve as a White House correspondent, Helen Thomas knew Kennedy as the first of ten presidents she covered over five decades.

This history was well known to those who brought her truth-seeking career to an abrupt end. That’s why she was ambushed.  She was the last mainstream American journalist who dared question a U.S. President about Israel’s nuclear weapons.

Had Zionists not removed her, they knew she would have asked President Obama: “When is the U.S. going to pressure its ally to give up a nuclear arsenal estimated to be in excess 200 nuclear warheads?”

Zionists won this round. No remaining White House correspondent is likely to ask the hard questions about Israel’s impact on America’s national security interests. ADL operatives, acting on behalf of a foreign government, made sure of it.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s love fest with the Jewish state continues while Zionist policies persist in undermining America’s credibility and endangering U.S. troops abroad.

Today’s White House resident resembles previous occupants in his inability to say no to Zionist demands. By his silence, he enabled an agent of a foreign government to silence one of America’s most trusted voices covering the White House.

Helen Thomas knows the scope and scale of Zionist operations inside the U.S. She saw it firsthand through ten presidencies from both major U.S. political parties.

By silencing this voice of truth, Israel’s goals were advanced. Now the American public can once again be denied the facts they require to make informed choices.

An international businessman, Mr. Rockefeller resides in Arizona

America’s or Jewish Interests . . . ?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

DR KEVIN MACDONALD, AUTHOR AND HISTORIAN , is a Professor of Psychology at the California State University.

As the author of several books, Dr MacDonald outlines Jewry’s quest to destroy White Christian culture through intellectual movements and politics.

Brother Nathanael: The Washington Post just published an article by Jewish columnist and neocon propagandist, Charles Krauthammer, entitled, “Those Troublesome Jews.”

In the piece, Krauthammer defends the Israeli raid on the humanitarian Gaza-bound flotilla. What is your assessment of this article?

Kevin MacDonald PhD: First, let’s look at Krauthammer’s underlying premise. For this is what forms the basis for how he and global Jewry defend Israeli crimes.

It must also be understood that Krauthammer argues as a Jew, not as an American, seeking primarily the advancement of Jewish interests.

Br Nathanael: What exactly is Krauthammer’s underlying premise?

Kevin MacDonald: Krauthammer’s fundamental premise is outlined in his book, “Democratic Realism: An American Foreign Policy For a Unipolar World.”

Krauthammer insists that America must seize the opportunity created by the fall of the Soviet Union to remake the entire Arab world in the interests of “democratic globalism.”

Br Nathanael: So he begins his rant by first appealing to “democratic” themes?

Kevin MacDonald: Yes. “America,” says Krauthammer, “is a country with no biological identity” and should go to war to promote “democracy” and defend “democratic” nations such as Israel.

Ironically, he’s probably had to rethink his rationale for war against the Arab world since Hamas won the largest number of votes and parliamentary seats in democratic elections held in 2006.


Br Nathanael: What does Krauthammer mean when he advances the idea that America has no biological identity?

Kevin MacDonald: It’s not a question of what Krauthammer means but what Krauthammer is attacking.

A prime component of Jewish propaganda is to assault any form of ethno-nationalism that is not specifically Jewish. Herein lies their hypocrisy. A “Jewish state” in Israel is fine. But any form of “White identity” in America is labeled “racist.”

Br Nathanael: How does Krauthammer move from an assault on white ethnicity to manipulating America to wage war for the sake of democracy?

Kevin MacDonald: By pitching eternal war for democracy as a kind of ‘religious’ crusade for America — an America “not committed to blood, but to principles” — Krauthammer confers an ideological mission upon America.

Fighting for democracy and freedom is America’s cause, argues Krauthammer, not bolstering a national identity. Given current demographics, that national identity would be a White Christian one, which Jewry fears and abhors — and does all it can to destroy.

Herein lies the Jewish sleight of hand that serves to strengthen Jewish ethnic interests at the expense of American interests, all in the name of championing democracy.

This is how Krauthammer argues as an Israel-Firster. And Jews, like Krauthammer, have the upper hand in how our foreign policy is shaped. It’s part of the sickness we face.


Br Nathanael: How does Krauthammer’s crusade for freedom and democracy apply to the flotilla incident?

Kevin MacDonald: Moral posturing is absolutely central to Krauthammer’s modus operandi.

He knows Americans are suckers for arguments framed as moral imperatives. Thus, he casts the Israelis as the good guys and the Arabs as the bad guys in the flotilla raid.

Br Nathanael: How does he pull this off given the murders of civilians by the Israelis?

Kevin MacDonald: While the rest of the world is horrified at the behavior of the Israeli military, Krauthammer presents Israel as the “hapless victim,” condemned for simply “defending” itself.

Krauthammer cunningly brings his readers into an alternate universe where aggressors are victims and “defense” means wanton murder of civilians. That’s how he pulls it off.

Br Nathanael: But where is “moral posturing” here?

Kevin MacDonald: That’s the secret of Jewish subterfuge when arguing for an unjustifiable case. Krauthammer relies on the anti-Semitism cardcombined with the usual trademarked dose of moral posturing.

Krauthammer’s column on the flotilla titled “Those Troublesome Jews” is a perfect example of this method. Why are the Jews “troublesome?” — because Jews insist on defending themselves.

Israel’s and all of Jewry’s problems, says Krauthammer, stems from the fact that the entire world wants another Holocaust, including the Europeans, “with a history of centuries of savage persecution of Jews in their Christian lands.”

While the rest of the world hates Jews because of Islamic totalitarianism, argues Krauthammer, the Europeans hate Jews because they’re all basically Nazis at heart.

Thus, in Krauthammer’s view, the world must bow before Israel with a guilty conscience. For to censure Israel and therefore all of Jewry, is to engage in “savage anti-Semitism.” So far, this tactic has worked.


Br Nathanael: Why does this tactic work?

Kevin MacDonald: It works because we are continually subjected to pro-Israel chauvinism and towering Jewish ethnocentrism in the most prestigious and popular media outlets.

Americans internalize and accept unconsciously the double standard by which the Jewish-owned media rationalizes Israeli racialism but promotes the idea that America exists to defend abstractions like “freedom” and “democracy.” Any signs of White identity and sense of White interests are presented by the Jews as morally repugnant.

Americans have come to take these ‘Jewish’ ideas for granted — to the point that Jewish apologists, like Krauthammer, are eminently respectable, especially among conservatives. Commentators, like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, seem to have internalized this mindset as well.

The tea-partiers have also bought into this Jewish fraud. Israeli racialism is good, American racialism is evil. It’s part of the sickness we face.

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Jews defile God’s Law for their Return to His Holy Land.

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


By Rev. Ted Pike
8 June 10

Amid the uproar over White House reporter Helen Thomas’ remarks that the Israelis should “get the hell out of there” and return to the nations is a much obfuscated fact: In her salty way, she is only repeating how God feels about Israel’s biblically unlawful return to Palestine over the past 110 years.

The Old Testament emphasizes in dozens of the clearest passages that never will God allow an unjust rebellious nation of Jews to occupy His Holy Land [see footnote].

He wouldn’t let even the spiritual colossus Moses in because of one infraction. He wouldn’t let the ten doubting spies and an entire generation of Hebrews in because of unbelief.

Instead, God made it clear that only a believing remnant, trusting God and exemplifying righteousness, justice, and mercy (including to the “strangers in the land”), would have sanction to enter and occupy. This happened only two times in Old Testament history: under Joshua and, later, Ezra and Nehemiah, bringing back an obedient remnant from Babylonian captivity.

On the other hand, God repeatedly warns that if the Jews do occupy Palestine and yet turn from obedience He will scatter them to the nations. They cannot return until they embody the same righteousness as they did under Joshua and Ezra.

This is kindergarten Biblical ethics. The Christian and secular media would discover this very quickly if they would stop throwing dust in the air over Helen Thomas and actually read God’s requirements, listed in passages at the end of this article.

Scripture is also emphatic that at the second coming of Christ a beleaguered Jewish remnant, survivors of the collapse of the present counterfeit, anti-Christ state of Israel, will trust in their rejected Messiah, Jesus. At that time, and only after such repentance, will Christ authorize their return to occupy the land under Christ’s benevolent rulership for 1,000 years.

Who then owns the land and has rights of occupation today? Righteous Jews who honor Israel’s true Messiah, Jesus, will always own the land of Israel and have rights of occupation. But, until national Jewish obedience occurs again, God made two things very clear after exile of the Jews to Babylon in the sixth century B.C.

  • Jews must dwell among the nations, seeking the peace and prosperity of their neighbors (Jer. 29:4).
  • Surrounding Gentiles would have the right to temporarily dwell in and cultivate the land. Since they were not recipients of such transcendent truth and light as Israel, God will not hold them to the same high moral standard. But, if they became overtly wicked, He would also expel them.

God says His holy land has always been sanctified for His glory, “vomiting out” the ancient Canaanites, the Jews, and anyone else who profanes it (Lev. 18:25). God gave the Samaritans in Jeremiah’s time temporary rights to occupy in lieu of Jewish obedience. That sanction continues with the Palestinians or any other Gentiles who do not overtly defile God’s law.

But God says emphatically that such endorsement can never be granted to a nation of Christ-rejecting, Pharisee-venerating, left-wing Jews such as flooded into Palestine over a century ago.

Why such strife in Palestine since Jewry returned? It’s because very great discord erupts when God’s law is flaunted. If you touch two battery cables together, a shower of sparks explodes. The laws of nature are violated. A proliferation of persistent, unparalleled strife has accompanied Jewry’s lawless return to Palestine. The law of God has been desecrated.

Israel ‘s defiance of God’s law, including violent expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from their God-endorsed tenancy in the land to languish in concentration camps in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza, is spiritual wickedness of the first magnitude. And the evangelical church over the past century has become a partaker of that iniquity and delusion by bidding Godspeed to it.

But, you may ask: Wasn’t Jewish return necessary in order to provide safe haven for persecuted world Jewry? Hasn’t Israel vindicated itself by providing such refuge?

Prime Minister Netanyahu answered that recently. He said there is no place on earth as dangerous for Jews as Israel.

The Bible says the same: “There is no peace for the wicked.”


  • Scriptures forbidding Jewish occupation of the Holy Land in unbelief include: Lev. 18:23-28, 26:27-46, Deut. 1:37, 4:26-7, 6:18, 7:12, 8:21,25,37,41,63-4, 29:28,31-3,18.


US: A Plague Upon The World

Monday, June 7th, 2010

US: A Plague Upon The World

Friday at 4:11am


Dr Paul Craig

Interview with Hon. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary US Treasury,

Associate Editor Wall Street Journal, Professor of Political Economy Center for

Strategic and International Studies Georgetown University Washington DC.

Question: Dr. Roberts, the United States is regarded as the most successful state in the world today. What is responsible for American success?

Dr. Roberts: Propaganda. If truth be known, the US is a failed state. More about that later. The US owes its image of success to:

  • The vast lands and mineral resources that the US “liberated” with violence from the native inhabitants.
  • Europe’s, especially Great Britain’s, self-destruction in World War I and World War II, and
  • The economic destruction of Russia and most of Asia by communism or socialism.

After World War II, the US took the reserve currency role from Great Britain. This made the US dollar the world money and permitted the US to pay its import bills in its own currency. World War II’s destruction of the other industrialized countries left the US as the only country capable of supplying products to world markets. This historical happenstance created among Americans the impression that they were a favoured people. Today the militarist neoconservatives speak of the United States as “the indispensable nation.” In other words, Americans are above all others, except, of course, Israelis.

To American eyes a vague “terrorist threat,” a creation of their own government, is sufficient justification for naked aggression against Muslim peoples and for an agenda of world hegemony.

This hubristic attitude explains why among most Americans there is no remorse over the one million Iraqis killed and the four million Iraqis displaced by a US invasion and occupation that were based entirely on lies and deception. It explains why there is no remorse among most Americans for the countless numbers of Afghans who have been cavalierly murdered by the US military, or for the Pakistani civilians murdered by US drones and “soldiers” sitting in front of video screens. It explains why there is no outrage among Americans when the Israelis bomb Lebanese civilians and Gaza civilians. No one in the world will believe that Israel’s latest act of barbarity, the murderous attack on the international aid flotilla to Gaza, was not cleared with Israel’s American enabler.

Question: You said that the US was a failed state. How can that be? What do you mean?

Roberts: The war on terror, invented by the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney regime, destroyed the US Constitution and the civil liberties that the Constitution embodies. The Bill of Rights has been eviscerated. The Obama regime has institutionalized the Bush/Cheney assault on American liberty. Today, no American has any rights if he or she is accused of “terrorist” activity. The Obama regime has expanded the vague definition of “terrorist activity” to include “domestic extremist,” another undefined and vague category subject to the government’s discretion. In short, a “terrorist” or a “domestic extremist” is anyone who dissents from a policy or a practice that the US government regards as necessary for its agenda of world hegemony.

Unlike some countries, the US is not an ethic group. It is a collection of diverse peoples

united under the Constitution. When the Constitution was destroyed, the US ceased to exist. What exists today are power centers that are unaccountable. Elections mean nothing, as both parties are dependent on the same powerful interest groups for campaign funds. The most powerful interest groups are the military/security complex, which includes the Pentagon, the CIA, and the corporations that service them, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the oil industry that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico, Wall Street (investment banks and hedge funds), the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the agri-companies that produce food of questionable content.

These corporate powers comprise an oligarchy that cannot be dislodged by voting. Ever since “globalism” was enacted into law, the Democrats have been dependent on the same corporate sources of income as the Republicans, because globalism destroyed the labor unions. Consequently, there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, or no meaningful difference.

The “war on terror” completed the constitutional/legal failure of the US. The US has also failed economically. Under Wall Street pressure for short-term profits, US corporations have moved offshore their production for US consumer markets. The result has been to move US GDP and millions of well-paid US jobs to countries, such as China and India, where labour and professional expertise are cheap. This practice has been going on since about 1990.

After 20 years of offshoring US production, which destroyed American jobs and federal, state and local tax base, the US unemployment rate, as measured by US government methodology in 1980, is over 20 percent. The ladders of upward mobility have been dismantled. Millions of young Americans with university degrees are employed as waitresses and bartenders. Foreign enrollment comprises a larger and larger percentage of US universities as the American population finds that a university degree has been negated by the offshoring of the jobs that the graduates expected.

When US offshored production re-enters the US as imports, the trade balance deteriorates. Foreigners use their surplus dollars to purchase existing US assets.

Consequently, dividends, interest, capital gains, tolls from toll roads, rents, and profits,

now flow abroad to foreign owners, thus increasing the pressure on the US dollar. The US has been able to survive the mounting claims of foreigners against US GDP because the US dollar is the reserve currency. However, the large US budget and trade deficits will put pressures on the dollar that will become too extreme for the dollar to be able to sustain this role. When the dollar fails, the US population will be impoverished.

The US is heavily indebted, both the government and the citizens. Over the last decade there has been no growth in family income. The US economy was kept going through the expansion of consumer debt. Now consumers are so heavily indebted that they cannot borrow more. This means that the main driving force of the US economy, consumer demand, cannot increase. As consumer demand comprises 70% of the economy, when consumer demand cannot increase, there can be no economic recovery.

The US is a failed state also because there is no accountability to the people by corporations or by government at any level, whether state, local, or federal. British Petroleum is destroying the Gulf of Mexico. The US government has done nothing. The Obama regime’s response to the crisis is more irresponsible than the Bush regime’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Wetlands and fisheries are being destroyed by unregulated capitalist greed and by a government that treats the environment with contempt. The tourist economy of Florida is being destroyed. The external costs of drilling in deep waters exceeds the net worth of the oil industry. As a result of the failure of the American state, the oil industry is destroying one of the world’s most valuable ecological systems.

Question: What can be done?

Roberts: The American people are lost in la-la land. They have no idea that their civil liberties have been forfeited. They are only gradually learning that their economic future is compromised. They have little idea of the world’s growing hatred of Americans for their destruction of other peoples. In short, Americans are full of themselves. They have no idea of the disasters that their ignorance and inhumanity have brought upon themselves and upon the world.

Much of the world, looking at a country that appears both stupid and inhumane, wonders at Americans’ fine opinion of themselves. Is America the virtuous “indispensable nation” of neoconservative propaganda, or is America a plague upon the world?

End of interview

Opinion Maker is grateful to Dr Paul Craig Roberts for this interview.

Will the Oil Spill kill America’s Independence ?

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

By WJ Anthony

As sad as the BP oil spill is, there may be somethings we may have missed.  The satellite color picture of the BP oil well location shows that it could be argued that it is not located on the continental shelf of the US.  The location appears to be in the deeper sea area where the US does not have legal jurisdiction over the resources because the well is not located on the continental shelf area that is legally claimed by the authority of the United States under the United Nations Convention or Law of the Sea called UNCLOS.  The BP well appears to be close to the continental shelf but not on the shelf, which means the US, has no jurisdiction concerning the resources of that part of the Gulf of Mexico; UNCLOS has that authority.

That may explain one of several reasons why the US has not done anything on the well itself – because the well is not under US jurisdiction.  If the US would have assumed legal jurisdiction of the well, the US could be charged with violating the UNCLOS Law, which most countries in the world have agreed to recognize as international law.

Since President Reagan, the US has refused to submit itself to that UNCLOS law for various reasons, including national defense.

Britain and European countries and most other countries have submitted to the UN authority of UNCLOS, and BP is a British company.  Much effort has been pressed to convince the US to also submit to UNCLOS.  The basic reason for not submitting to that authority is based on the strongly held belief of Americans in their independence as a nation.  Environmentalists have tried to push the US to submit to UNCLOS but failed because the US would have little if any influence in determining sea policies that would affect US interests.

Now we see why Obama apparently hasn’t used federal resources to close the well.  He knows that he doesn’t have the authority to touch the well.  UNCLOS hasn’t done anything to stop it and may not be organized with skills to adequately do it.  There were some suggestions to use a bomb or nuke to close the well.  Russia has used that method to shut off some of its undersea wells that became destructive, but those were on Russian property.  The top decision makers of UNCLOS may be incompetent to make decisions to use UNCLOS’ authority to close the well with a nuke bomb that might throw a fallout mass of crude oil and sea water on New Orleans and the coasts of the southern US states, and incur lawsuits for damages to the beaches, wildlife preserves, and homes of the Gulf coast region.

Could there be an intrigue involved, whereby an underwater missile destroyed the well rig and pipe deliberately?  It was said early on that the North Korean government used a submarine to launch an underwater missile to attack the South Korean company, which had the contract to do the work on the well.  North Korea denied the claim.  After the armistice stopped the Korean War, North Korea asked the South Korean government to sign a treaty to end the Korean War, but South Korea continually refused a treaty, possibly because the US has commercial interests in keeping US troops in South Korea as a sphere of influence.

The claim that North Korea destroyed the South Korean ship may have been a side part of an intrigue by warmongers who wanted the US to start a war with Korea, but that has been rejected now.

In 2009, Hilary Clinton stated in the Senate hearing for her appointment as Secretary of State, that she thought the US should agree to submit to UNCLOS.  Most Republicans strongly opposed UNCLOS.

Why do the UNCLOS authorities refrain from using their authority to solve the oil spill crisis?  The Oil Spill threatens the coasts of the Gulf States and may soon mix with the Gulf Stream to unload crude oil on the Atlantic beaches of Florida or the coasts of Europe or change the Gulf Stream course to no longer warm Europe’s winters?

So, while many people wait for the oil spill to visit them, the heads that have the power of authority to make decisions to solve the crisis, don’t want to take the evident responsibility to detonate a nuke five thousand feet beneath the Gulf, 50 miles south of New Orleans and cause a mushroom fallout cloud to throw a wave of crude oil sludge and seawater on New Orleans and the coastal wildlife sanctuaries of Louisiana and elsewhere.

If that isn’t enough to trouble US, consider it to be a fact that many countries have oil rigs on wells in their continental shelf sea waters, and might claim the right to have a nuke in stock for using to shut down a bad deep sea oil well.  If the BP Oil Spill well requires its use as necessary who could deny such a tool for other nations.  That would be a reason for Iran and many others to claim the right to have nukes and would then require them to submit to the UN inspection authority to reveal how many nukes they would have.

Iran already accepts that inspection requirement, while Israel does not.  That would require Israel to allow inspection, which they have refused to do.  It would nullify Israel’s claim that Iran should not have nukes like Israel.  But it would also justify Israel’s right to possess nukes, since it sits on the sea and could or does have off shore oil well rigs.

Since the US has supported Israel, the BP Oil Spill might have been deliberately caused to force the nuke to be a control solution for shutting off an uncontrolled well.  Consequently a new UN policy might be waiting in the wings of governments that would allow many nations with off shore oil wells to possess nukes as tools for safe destruction of badass oil wells?

For further information we highly recommend these following links as of great do-or-die importance at this critical time in our American history:

Do They think THEY OWN US ? . . .

Saturday, June 5th, 2010


By Rev. Ted Pike

2 June 2010

Israel’s PR representative, the Anti-Defamation League, accuses the political right in western nations of moving toward increased “violent radicalization.” Yet, that description applies best to the behavior of Israel toward the “Free Gaza” flotilla this past week.

As a result of mounting criticism of Israel’s bombardment and quarantine of Gaza, Israeli leaders now portray Israel’s strong critics as potentially violent terrorist sympathizers and insist that Israel’s response be correspondingly severe.

Last December, Diaspora Foreign Minister Yuli Edelstein said “to be anti-Israel is to be anti-Semitic.” Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman agreed that strong criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism: cooperation with terrorists who desire the destruction of the Jewish state. This week Lieberman portrayed the “Free Gaza” flotilla as “violent propaganda.”

Demonization of critics is a beginning that leads Israel to extreme, unlawful, and—as we see in the slaying of nine peace activists—violent conclusions. If Israel’s critics are potentially violent terrorists, then, according to Israel:

  • No place on earth should be safe for such threats to Israel’s existence. Not Argentina, London, Dubai, or international waters. Israel continues Jewry’s millennia-old claim that they deserve special rights since Jews are “God’s chosen people” and have suffered more than any other. These rights now include Israel’s transcendence over the national boundaries and international laws that govern other nations. Israel is above the charge of piracy that would be leveled against any other nation that stormed and seized a ship in international waters in peacetime. Israel has the right to blame those who violently oppose its takeover, being above international law which says crews who resist pirates are blameless.
  • Flotilla members who say they are concerned for the people of Gaza are really out to destroy Israel. Their ships probably contain weapons to aid Hamas. The cement and building materials they deliver are to build bunkers for Hamas. Such “peace activists” have no interest in the welfare of the Gazans, only their own anti-Semitic agenda. The flotilla contains only quasi-terrorists on the high seas. Israel is thus justified, as America’s trusted ally in the war on terror, to board and seize their ships, using whatever possibly violent “counter-terrorism” measures are necessary.

ADL Brings Israel’s Premises to the World

Ominously, the Anti-Defamation League, Israel’s PR representative and official opponent of what it calls the global anti-Semitism “pandemic,” is bringing to the western world the same dire suspicion (even paranoia) against critics of Israel. Increasingly, ADL and “ADL South,” the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center, portray critics of Zionism as using legitimate criticism only as a mask for the same virulent, Jew-destroying anti-Semitism that spawned the Holocaust. Yet ADL/SPLC are not content to vilify critics of the Jewish state. Their negative stereotyping extends to all in the Christian/conservative right who resist secular Judaism’s pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-hate law agenda. That includes tea partiers, militia groups, and the whole evangelical right, whom they now portray (in their MIAC Missouri police document) as potentially violent domestic terrorists. ADL echoes Israel’s justification of its attack on the peace flotilla. It says the flotilla exists “to lure the Israeli military onto the ship where many were waiting to attack them. It is deeply disturbing that the leaders of the flotilla and their sponsors were willing to engage in an elaborate sham as a pretext for ambushing and violently attacking Israeli military personnel.” (May 31 “ADL Calls Flotilla to Gaza a Deliberate Provocation against Israel”)

Reality may be provided by Knesset member Hanin Zoabi (Balad) who participated in the flotilla. “It was clear from the size of the force that boarded the ship that the purpose was not only to stop this sail, but to cause the largest possible number of fatalities in order to stop such initiatives in the future.”

What is really disturbing is the predictable sympathy of evangelical media to the transparently manipulative ADL/Israeli point of view. Although leadership of the religious right in America is widely aware of ADL’s boast that it was behind creation and passage of the potentially Christian-persecuting federal hate crimes bill, evangelical oracle WorldNetDaily rushes to agree with ADL/Israel in this dispute. Through WND’s Jerusalem-based mouthpiece to Mossad, Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily denigrates the “violent Gaza flotilla.” It quotes the government of Israel, saying the peace activists had “clearly prepared their weapons in advance” in order to attack Israeli commandos.

Thus, it is not just 679 peace activists who were unlawfully attacked or threatened by Israel as terrorist sympathizers. ADL/Israel views critical, uncooperative humanity, floating in a sea of increasingly turbulent doubt and disapproval of Israel, as its enemies. As such, it is you and I who must also submit and be quiet – or face similar violence.

According to the demonstrated behavior of Israel this week, the whole world is now subject to its jurisdiction.

Who now is Threatening the Truth? . . .

Friday, June 4th, 2010
June 4th, 2010


By Harmony Grant Daws
3 June 10

Every ten years since 1635, the small alpine town of Oberammergau, Germany has produced a six-hour Passion Play memorializing the final hours of Jesus Christ. About half the town’s citizens help produce the play. Amateur actors fill the stage. The citizens are fulfilling their ancestors’ 375-year-old vow to God to produce the play every decade since He delivered them from the bubonic plague.

Over the past two decades, the town has been the stage for a different kind of passion play. Few places in the world more perfectly present the drama of Jewish power and aggressive intent to deny public expressions of Christianity.

For the past two decades, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League—ever-ready to stifle any virile expression of Christianity—has taken its editing scissors to the play’s script. Jewish crimes have been expunged. Today, the Jews play a bleached and sanitized role in the death of Christ. (What did Jesus say of the Pharisees? Whitewashed tombs?) Romans now stand guard outside Jesus’ first entrance to Jerusalem, “making it clear who is really in control.” The Jewish high priests debate theology, many siding for Jesus. The infamous blood oath—“His blood be upon us and our children”—has been axed from the script. Even Judas, incredibly, is pure at heart. He wants “to facilitate dialogue with the priesthood and is duped into betraying Jesus. It is one of the best roles in the play. When Judas understands that he has been manipulated, he storms the Temple, demanding Jesus’ release.” ADL even wrote in a new scene in which Jesus stands outside the Temple, holds up a Torah scroll and leads His followers in reciting in Hebrew “ the major Jewish prayer known as “Sh’ma Yisroel” – “Hear O Israel, the Lord is God the Lord is One.””

AJ Goldman in Forward says the play has become a lovely and moving piece of art, now “ less about Jesus and more a rare chance to experience a legendary tradition.” He protests that it is no longer anti-Semitic.

Yet for ADL, even the censoring and trashing has not been enough. Its experts attended a preview May 8 and reported, “ the play continues to depict damaging stereotypes of Judaism and presents Jewish leadership as deceitful, legalistic, vindictive and xenophobic.” Goldman’s Forward article explains the locus of the conflict: Jewish leaders hate the Gospels, basically. Before the 2000 production, the play’s dramatic advisor tried to convince ADL head Abe Foxman that the play was about love and redemption. Foxman bitingly replied, “If you want to give me love and understanding, there are a lot of other Christian subjects. Give me another play; if it’s about a Crucifixion in which the Jews kill Christ, you can never clean it up enough.”

For Foxman, the Gospel itself is anti-Semitic and dangerous, as is Christian evangelism to Jews. His book, Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, alleges that “with every annual reading or reenactment of the story of the death of Jesus in Christian churches, millions of Christians imbibed the notion that the Jews had been guilty of the worst crime in history. Into our own time, the deicide libel has been used to justify hatred of Jews and violence against them, including from Christian pulpits.” Violence from Christian pulpits even includes the commission to witness to Jews, according to Foxman, which is seen as attempted genocide of their souls!

Jewish leaders, captained by Foxman, have been radically successful in their assault. In Oberammergau, the gospel has been stripped. Its testimony is unspeakable in public. A 375-year-old religious tradition—vowed by a city, to thank God for deliverance—has been knifed of its content. (What happened to the sovereignty of old culture? What happened to the sanctity of traditions?) Nothing could more clearly state unbelieving Jewry’s intent to make the New Testament itself unspeakable, unacceptable…illegal.

And still, it is not enough. This year the ADL led a 16-page report from interfaith experts, denouncing the play. They want it decimated completely. The report, “supported by the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith International and the National Council of Synagogues,” calls for “a totally new script using contemporary biblical studies and historical research in order to eliminate continuing damaging negative stereotypes of Jews and Judaism.”

This is about the Bible, plain and simple. The original passion play was lifted from the pages of the Christian Scriptures. The text was taken to the stage. Germans simply dramatized the Pharisees’ vengeful, unrelenting persecution from the book of John; Judas’ ugly, searing betrayal which Matthew witnessed; the Jewish masses’ homicidal contempt, retold by Mark; the agony of Christ, gut-wrenchingly recorded by Luke. History proves what happened. After Jesus’ return to the Father, Christians were persecuted relentlessly. The Jewish Talmud, to this day, records Christ as an evil bastard, now in hell, writhing in boiling semen. (Gittin 56b-57a)

What happened is really not debatable. But it is unacceptable to speak. Anti-Christian Jews can be blamed for nothing. Their leaders must be portrayed as always wise, balanced, good and moderate. As a people, they were never xenophobic or legalistic. And they had nothing, nothing, to do with Jesus’ death. The nails went through His hands and feet as if by magic. There was no murder.

Isn’t it interesting? Jewish leaders allow others no such exoneration.

In Germany, there is no such convenient bleaching of history. A radically different situation prevails. There, no one can be free from their ancestral guilt. No reparations can be enough. It is actually illegal to deny German blood guilt, their culture of hate, their cries through complicity of “Gas them! Gas them!” Under Germany’s Holocaust denial laws, only Jews may revise German history (as in Oberammergau). A person who even questions the Holocaust can go to prison. It is illegal to deny the intentional, mechanized murder of six million Jews. It is illegal even to question the methods used by the Nazis. In Germany, the streets themselves are painted with the memories. Black tulips are grown in memorial sites. Every year on Holocaust Memorial Day the whole of Europe grieves for its guilt and vows it will never be repeated. A timeline of some of the billions spent on Holocaust memorials can be seen here:

History, we know, is written by the conquerors. There can be no remaining doubt about Jewish power in the western world today. Jewish leaders are the scripters of history and Christians are silent and cowed, submitting our sacred Gospels and traditions to Jewish scissors as if they mean nothing.

The world would look vastly different if this weren’t true—if Jews enjoyed less power, if they mourned or even admitted what they did to Jesus and then to Christians. Picture it.

If Jerusalem were Germany, there would be monuments on every corner. In the concrete graven words would say, “This is where Jewish crowds jeered Christ up the street…This is where Jews cried, “Crucify Him.” Plaques and columns would stand between black tulips to announce, “This is where Steven was stoned because he was a Christ-follower…Let us never forget…Never again…Never again.”

If such awareness were alive in the world—if Christians themselves were vigilant to Jewish antagonism, to the cosmic conflict—perhaps hate crime laws would not have passed. Perhaps we would not be so far down the road to criminalizing Christianity. That day is coming fast, largely because Christians meekly submit to Jewish leaders’ powerful agenda, always defended by the myth of Jewish innocence and victimhood against the ever-present and irrational “anti-Semitism” of Christians and Gentiles. We have submitted to this myth. We have refused to expose the Talmud. Also ADL. We have surrendered the Gospels to Jewish excising. We have signed contracts when entering Israel, promising not to evangelize. We have underwritten the Jewish state with tax donations and religious offerings. We have lionized the Jewish tradition. We have drunk the Kool-Aid. Even before Jewish activists took scissors to the crucifixion stories, we ourselves used White-out on the words of Christ.

We ignored His timeless warnings,

Be careful, be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees. (Matthew 16:6)

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are… (Matthew 23)

We ignored Paul,

Beware of the concision [the Jews]…. For we are the circumcision which worship God in the Spirit…(Philippians 3:2-3)

The problem is that it can’t be had both ways. Stand behind the Bible or don’t. Accept its warnings—all of them—or admit you are an unbeliever.

Evangelical Christians hold to Biblical literalism yet ignore its most vibrantly relevant truths when they reflect adversely on Judaism. The Bible explains why Oberammergau has been butchered. It explains why Germany is lined with blood yet Jerusalem can continue, without censure, its vendetta against Christianity. Yet Christian leaders themselves need no coaching to ignore these verses.

Unless they stop this willful blindness, Jewish power will continue to grow and someday soon the Bible itself will be replaced—like the Oberammergau script—with the tradition of those who nailed Jesus to the cross.

God Almighty’s microbes will rescue BP … IF ?

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

God Almighty gave Texas this Pollution Solution !

With the BP Oil Spill the news revealed this great Oil Spill Pollution Solution.

Listen closely, President Obama and fellow Americans to this blessing:

Below is a link to a video produced by the state government of Texas about a successful solution that has been tried in the Gulf using microbes that that safely digest the oil into a product that is safe for wildlife and plants and which cleans up the marsh wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch this video and you will have the contact that will provide the information how to obtain and use the microbes.

Notice that it is a fairly rapid process that in six weeks could solve the entire oil spill that is contaminating the coasts of the southern states . . . if we act now!

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

What can “we the people” do about BP ?

June 1st, 2010

10 Critical Facts about BP and the Gulf of Mexico Crisis

  1. On May 10, BP said it had already spent $350 million as a result of the Deepwater Horizon accident.
  2. By contrast, in the first three months of this year, BP made $93 million per day in pure profits. This does not include the huge salaries and perks of its executives that are considered “costs,” not profits. Thus, BP has spent what might seem to many people to be a big number on the accident ($350 million) but it is only equivalent to 4 days of pure profits for BP.
  3. BP has a market value (BP’s assets) of $152.6 billion.
  4. So far, BP has only paid 295 claims out of the 4,700 claims made against the company for damages and losses incurred from the Deepwater accident.
  5. JP Morgan Chase Bank owns almost 30 percent of BP’s common stock.
  6. BP is the largest producer of offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
  7. Citigroup analysts have formally advised investors not to worry too much about “the likely costs to the company [BP].” The Citigroup analysis notes that punitive damages against Exxon for the Exxon-Valedz oil spill in 1989 were originally set by the courts at $5 billion but reduced by 90 percent when the case reached the Supreme Court in 2008. The total cost to Exxon was $500 million in compensation damages and $500 million in punitive damages. The total cost imposed on Exxon after 20 years of litigation amounted to only $1 billion, or the equivalent of just 12 days worth of BP’s pure profits ($93 million per day) in the first three months of this year. Because of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, BP and any other oil company that is responsible for an offshore oil accident is not legally required to pay more than $75 million in damages above the oil recovery costs. Thus, the government’s response to the Exxon Valdez accident was to actually protect the Oil Giants by limiting their liability and risk exposure in the event of a catastrophic accident. Again, the $75 million limit is less than 1 day of BP’s pure profits in 2010.
  8. BP is using carefully crafted language to imply that it may cover all the “legitimate” costs and “legitimate” damages (and they would presumably be the entity to determine which claim is legitimate) and that this amount will surpass the damage cap of $75 million set by the Oil Pollution Act.  States BP’s executive vice president David Nagel, “A $75 million liability is not where our head is at this moment.” The most important three words of Nagel’s quote is “at this moment.” The law, as written, entitles BP’s executives to be the deciders of whether to pay or not to pay any damages above the $75 million cap. Right now the company is under the glare of global publicity and it can say whatever it wants to suggest that it is taking full responsibility.
  9. BP has a long history of safety violations and reckless behavior. They chose not to equip Deepwater Horizon with an acoustic trigger, a last-resort option that could have been activated from a remote location triggering the well to shut down even if it was damaged badly. This piece of equipment is required in several countries, but not in the United States. Though BP does employ them on their rigs offshore in England, they choose not to in the Gulf of Mexico. This piece of equipment costs $500,000 – an amount they make in pure profits in less than 8 minutes (based on 2010 earnings). BP also chose not to install a deep-water valve, which could have served as another last-resort option for cutoff. BP has been fined many times by the Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and is the recipient of their largest fine ever. OSHA Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Jordan Barab has this to say about BP: “BP has systemic safety and health problems.”
  10. Unless there is an asset seizure and the placement of those funds in a trust to provide for full compensation and relief for the harmed people and the damaged environment, BP and its  executives will avoid real responsibility to remedy the suffering and damage caused by their reckless and greedy search for super-profits. In fact, if BP and Big Oil is left untouched by government intervention the whole Deepwater catastrophe could turn out to be a source of more profits for Big Oil. A Citigroup analyst report states: “Reaction to the Gulf of Mexico oil leak is a buying opportunity.”

For more information, send an email to

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