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Who will decide … Our Future ?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Thanks to Texe Marrs

Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life

Robot Alchemy

“The truly interesting question is, what happens after we have truly

intelligent robots? If we’re very lucky, they’ll treat us as pets. If not,

they’ll treat us as food.”

Dr. Paul Saffo
Stanford University

Robot Alchemy

Foxconn, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer. The Chinese company makes products for Apple, Intel, Sharp, Amazon, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola, and Hewlett-Packard. It has factories throughout the world, in China, Brazil, India, Japan, and Mexico, and many others. Among them is the huge Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou, China where over 450,000 workers are


These workers are employed at the massive, Zenchua Science and Technology Park, a walled, 1.16 square mile campus sometimes referred to as “Foxconn City.” There, they live in gray-scale worker dormitories, with little more than a plain room, a small kitchen and bath which they share, and a TV. They toil up to 12 hours a day for 6 days each week. Theirs is a slave drone existence.

Lately, news reports indicate that problems exist at Foxconn City and other manufacturing complexes. Low pay, long hours, and terrible conditions have led to worker mutinies, strikes, and even suicides. Nets had to be installed at the perimeter of all buildings, so many workers were going to the top and just jumping off.

Things have gotten so bad that Terry Gou, the founder and president of Foxconn, finally was forced in 2012 to do something about it.

He brought in robots to replace the disgruntled, complaining employees. According to Singularity Hub, Foxconn president Gou not only brought in the first installment of robots, he also loudly announced that the giant company, the world’s largest, would replace over 1 million workers over the next three years:

Evidently, the company had grown tired of worker riots, corporate audits, and suicides attracting international attention. With robots, the complaints would diminish considerably and, finally, end altogether.

Of course, robots themselves must be manufactured. But that presents few problems. In Fanuc, Japan, robots produce other robots. In fact, the concept

of self replicating robots is now catching on.

From the corporate and elite standpoint, it seems that Foxconn and thousands of other companies throughout the planet have the right idea.

Replace disgruntled employees with sturdy, intelligent robots. And, as robots are growing more and more reliable and trustworthy, a company”s

“people problems” are solved.

What of the Workers?

What Will They Do?

But, then, what about the over one billion human beings in China, the 900 million in India, almost 200 million in Brazil, and over 7 billion across the world?

What are they to do? Where will they find employment? How will they support themselves and their families?

The Elite see human beings as merely a “cost of production.” Robots are more efficient, so robots will replace the workers. The humans will be discarded.

We are now beginning to see the results of some 45 years of robotization and automation. This process will escalate quickly in coming years. This is a dramatic

change comparable to the Industrial Revolution. Scientists, painters, construction workers, attorneys, taxi drivers, counselors, sex workers. No one is exempt

from being laid off as employers find robots more capable, more intelligent, and more useful.

Expect unemployment from here on out to soar as tens of millions are humiliatingly replaced by robots. The Elite do not need you. That’s right. You are not needed.

And they soon will grow tired of advancing the “useless eaters” freebies such as free rent, medical care, food stamps, and phones. At that point they will find ways

to get rid of you.

Robot Alchemy - Crowd of Robots

Will robots grow so superintelligent they will replace human beings? Are scientists inadvertently master-minding the fall of the human race as a species?

The Process of Robot


In short, you and your families will be killed. This process of thinning out the population has already begun. It is the reason the Elite are now promoting such schemes as “depopulation,” “global warming,” “peak oil,” etc.

I call this process “robot alchemy.” In fact, that is the title of my newest book, ROBOT ALCHEMY—Androids, Cyborgs, and the Magic of Artificial Life.

In Robot Alchemy, I demonstrate how breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are now opening the floodgates of change. Dr. Paul Saffo of Stanford University notes that robots are rapidly becoming intelligent, so much so that the average robot will soon be much smarter and more capable than human beings. Dr. David Hanson, founder and president of Hanson Robokind, Inc., calls the new robots “Genius Machines” and says they will constitute an entirely new species.

But it is what Dr. Saffo says about the near future that has so startled and unsettled me. “The truly interesting question,” said Saffo, “is what happens after we have truly intelligent robots. If we are lucky, they’ll treat us as pets. If not, they’ll treat us as food.”

They’ll treat us “as food?” That is what the Stanford University researcher said.

My Investigation of the

Robot Challenge

Now this matter so haunted me that for the past six months I have diligently labored to examine the reasons why Dr. Saffo would say such a thing. I admit, I had a head start on my investigation. In 1985, I was pleased to author the first ever book published on personal robots, The Personal Robot Book (McGrawHill/Tab). That book, a main selection of both the computer and electronics book clubs, was followed by others on robotics, including The Great Robot Book (Simon & Schuster) and Careers With Robots

(Facts on File).

Then, I got off track and over the past two decades concentrated on other important topics. But I never lost my love for and interest in robots and androids and was quickly re-ignited in my passion when I read Dr. Paul Saffo’s controversial statement.

What Happens After


What Saffo and a few other top robotics scientists report is that humankind is nearing what robotics and artificial intelligence scientists call singularity. Singularity is that moment in cosmic time when machines (robots) are at parity—they are equal in intelligence and capability—with human beings. After reaching singularity, the robot will rapidly go on to its destiny. It (he/she?) will outthink us, outwork us, and outperform us. The robot will become a superior breed. And there is nothing you or I can do to stop its advance.

Vernor Vinge, mathematics professor who, in 1993—that’s 20 years ago!—wrote The Coming Technological Singularity, stated: “Within 30 years we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after that, the human era will be ended.”

“The human era will be ended!” Could these frightening words become reality? For over 30 years I have been aware that DARPA, the Defense Department’s premier research agency, has been shoveling billions into robotics research, including for the fields of nanorobotics and neuroscience. Scientists are deep into the Human Genome Project, a commitment to link neural networks, biotechnology, and information science to develop the “Borg.” That is, to electromagnetically link every computer and robot in the world with humankind’s brainpower.

This is not science fiction. It’s real. Human rights experts warn that such a universal network would be “more powerful than the atomic bomb.”

Robots are at the center of this research, research centered not only in Top Secret laboratories at DOD but in corporate laboratories across the globe. We now have advanced robots that are nearly indistinguishable from human beings in function and appearance. Soon, their advantages will become obvious. They will replace humans in tens of millions of jobs, including the legions of low-paid workers in the fast food industry.

When singularity is reached, humans will increasingly look to robots for guidance, wisdom, advice, and leadership. Today, robots walk, talk, hear, and reason. Twenty-five years from now, robots and computers will possess emotion, awareness, and consciousness. They will be superintelligent. They will totally replace outmoded, inefficient, incompetent, human beings.

You Are Not Needed—

The New Species Becomes


Neither the Elite nor their robots will need us. Robots will make other, better robots. And they will repair those other robots. It will be a never-ending cycle. We are now busily creating our own successors.

In the early stages of this robotics process, the robots will replace you and me. Humans who object, who cry out for “peoples’ rights,” will become the enemy. The Elite will first use the robots to track dissenters down and kill them. Then, they will kill every “useless eater” in existence.

Next, far later, will come the “Hour of the Robots,” that time when robots, achieving consciousness and self-awareness, will turn on their would-be Masters. Yes, the Elite too, will, in their turn be replaced. Their usefulness will have come to an end. The planet will belong to the robots.

Thus will Dr. Paul Saffo’s poignant question be answered. Will the superior robots treat the remaining, inferior humans as pets… or as food?

Robot Advancements

Create Lethal Robots

But, some would object, this cannot happen. Humankind is too shrewd. We will not endow robots with such super-intelligence. Recall Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics?” We shall build the robot and teach him to care for us, to attend to our needs. The robot will be an asset. He would not harm his maker.

Military Advancements

Create Lethal Robots

But, in fact, lethal robots already exist. Hundreds have been murdered in recent months by robotic drone aircraft. America will soon be inundated with tens of thousands of drones overhead. Meanwhile, the U.S. military has developed the EATR robot, designed to run on biomass. The EATR robot will eat sticks, leaves, and dead human bodies for energy.

Remember the movie, Soylent Green?

The U.S. military has developed Hunter/Killer robots that use facial recognition software and smell to identify and pick human targets out of a crowd. There is the “Cheetah” robot, a steel machine that can run 3 times as fast as a human being. And there is the Alpha Dog, a gigantic, powerful robot that can hike 20 miles without stopping.

In Japan is the fearsome new Titanoboa, a 50-foot long snake robot, and the United States prides itself on its many spy and death robots cleverly disguised as mosquitoes, bees, and birds. Don’t be outside during a swarm of these deadly creatures.

Robot Alchemy - Titanboa Robot

It’s Japanese maker says Titanoboa, a huge robotic snake, is designed to strike terror in people’s hearts.

Robot Alchemy (Alchemy is defined as magic or witchcraft) is the first book ever to fully explore the reality of these and many other unbelievable, but real, robots and androids. Illustrated with hundreds of mostly color photographs, the book will fill you with wonder and awe. It is a must read.

My hope is that you will use this knowledge as a catalyst to ponder and consider what humanity is doing and where exactly we are headed. This may just be your—and my—last opportunity to do so.

A man that walked with God …

Monday, April 29th, 2013




A very good read!





Read this and make up your own mind.

This is a true story.
The man who walks with God always gets to his destination.  If you have a pulse you have a purpose.  The Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion per capita in Canada, especially in the minority races!!!

Last month I attended my annual training session that’s required for maintaining my federal prison security clearance.  During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who explained each of their beliefs.

I was particularly interested in what the Islamic Imam had to say.  The Imam gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a video.  After the presentations, time was provided for questions and answers.

When it was my turn, I directed my question to the Imam and asked:  ‘Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world and, that by killing an infidel (which is a command to all Muslims), they are assured of a place in heaven.  If that’s the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?’

There was no disagreement with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied: ‘Non-believers!’

I responded, ‘So, let me make sure I have this straight.  All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can have a place in heaven.  Is that correct?’

The expression on his face changed from one of authority and command to that of a little boy who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.’   He sheepishly replied, ‘Yes.’

I then stated, ‘Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine Pope John Paul commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering all Protestants to do the same in order to guarantee them a place in heaven!’

The Imam was speechless!  I continued, ‘I also have a problem with being your friend when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me!  Let me ask you a question:  Would you rather have your Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to love you because I am going to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’

You could have heard a pin drop as the Imam hung his head in shame.  Needless to say, the organizers and/or promoters of the Diversification Training Seminar were not happy with my way of dealing with the Islamic Imam, and exposing the truth about the Muslims’ beliefs.

In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in Canada to elect the Prime Minister!

I think everyone in Canada should be required to read this.  There is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us send it on!

This is your chance to make a difference….



Jim Tilley.

2Corinthians 4: 6;  Never have spiritual doubts, for all His promises, enable!

Can the world afford to be fooled by “US” … again ?

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

US Unveils Iraq WMD “Curveball-Style” Lies Vs. Syria

As NATO terror front collapses in Syria, US attempts to justify intervention by drumming up familiar WMD lies.

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

Image: From Independent’s “Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all: Defector tells how US officials ‘sexed up’ his fictions to make the case for 2003 invasion.” In retrospect, the corporate-media has no problem admitting the insidious lies that were told to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq – the lead up to the war was another story. A verbatim repeat of these admitted lies are being directed at Syria amidst the West’s failure to overthrow the government with terrorist proxies.

The last two weeks have seen a series of victories for the Syrian Army across Syria. It appears that 2 full companies of so-called “Free Syrian Army” fighters have been annihilated near Damascus, while government forces have restored order in parts of Homs and along the previously porous Lebanese-Syrian border.

Time has run out for the West, and it appears that they are desperately seeking any excuse to rescue their failing proxy war. When urgent, but otherwise unjustified military intervention is needed, a “humanitarian” pretext is usually invented – as it was in Libya. Failing that, as the West has already clearly done in Syria, an even more tenuous narrative has been resurrected from its well-earned grave.

CNN has reported in their article, “Hagel: Evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria,” that:

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Thursday that the United States has evidence that chemical weapons have been used in Syria.

This comes a couple of days after an Israeli intelligence official said Damascus was using weapons banned under international law against its own people in the country’s civil war. Syria has said rebels have used chemical weapons.

U.S. President Barack Obama has said the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people in the country would be a “game changer.”

Astonishingly, the West is attempting to repeat tales of “WMD’s” in Syria, just as it infamously did in Iraq. In the Washington Post’s “
U.S. intelligence agencies: Assad used chemical weapons ‘on a small scale’,” the nature of this “evidence” is elaborated on (emphasis added):

Hagel said the intelligence agencies’ assessment was reached with “varying degrees of confidence,” meaning that they lacked proof or overwhelming evidence. He said the conclusion was “reached within the last 24 hours” and that the White House delivered a letter outlining the findings to Congress Thursday morning.

A letter from the White House via the Washington Post exposed further just how tenuous the evidence actually is (emphasis added):

Our intelligence community does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin. This assessment is based in part on physiological samples. Our standard of evidence must build on these intelligence assessments as we seek to establish credible and corroborated facts. For example, the chain of custody is not clear, so we cannot confirm how the exposure occurred and under what conditions. We do believe that any use of chemical weapons in Syria would very likely have originated with the Assad regime.

Physiological samples indicating sarin – in other words – samples taken from people exposed to sarin, could have been produced in a number of ways. It is confirmed that Libya’s chemical weapon stockpiles included sarin and mustard gas. In the Washington Post’s 2011 “Libya’s poison gas unaffected by turmoil, official says,” it was stated:

Experts believe that Libya destroyed about 3,300 bombshells designed to carry mustard and sarin gas chemicals years ago, as part of its deal to end decades of economic and diplomatic isolation with the West.

But some 10 metric tons of mustard sulfate and sarin gas precursor remain stockpiled in barrels at three locations in the Libyan desert south of Tripoli, where Moammar Gaddafi has holed up in a last-ditch fight to keep from being overthrown.

Many experts worry that the barrels are ripe for picking by terrorists linked to al-Qaeda.

Of course, since 2011, it is now confirmed that the so-called “Libyan rebels” were actually Al Qaeda terrorists operating under the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) which has been confirmed to have subsequently traveled  to Syria to join Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra franchise in NATO’s proxy war there.

It is just as likely that NATO’s proxy forces brought along with them not only small arms and cash from Libya, but also heavier weapons, including possibly chemical weapons – and specifically – sarin and mustard gas.

Considering that the Syrian government knows the use of chemical weapons would basically hand the moral, strategic, and geopolitical initiative over to the West, and in light of its recent gains made using conventional weapons and tactics, it makes it all the more likely any real sarin to be found and used in Syria was the work of NATO proxies attempting to produce a plausible casus belli. Terrorists operating in Syria have already been caught using other chemical weapons.

And yet still, despite all of this doubt, the Western political establishment has hailed the so-called “findings” as the “game changer” required to green-light US military intervention.

Remember “Curveball”

It is absolutely imperative to recall the propaganda campaign conducted prior to invading Iraq in 2003. Chemical weapons were also used as a pretext for an otherwise unjustified war. The “intelligence” used by Hagel’s predecessors was admittedly fabricated on-demand.

In the British Independent’s article, “Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all: Defector tells how US officials ‘sexed up’ his fictions to make the case for 2003 invasion,” it stated:

A man whose lies helped to make the case for invading Iraq – starting a nine-year war costing more than 100,000 lives and hundreds of billions of pounds – will come clean in his first British television interview tomorrow.

“Curveball”, the Iraqi defector who fabricated claims about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, smiles as he confirms how he made the whole thing up. It was a confidence trick that changed the course of history, with Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi’s lies used to justify the Iraq war.

He tries to defend his actions: “My main purpose was to topple the tyrant in Iraq because the longer this dictator remains in power, the more the Iraqi people will suffer from this regime’s oppression.”

We can already envision the establishment defending in hindsight its next “noble lie” to unseat “the tyrant in Syria.”

The Independent continues:

But Mr Janabi, speaking in a two-part series, Modern Spies, starting tomorrow on BBC2, says none of it was true. When it is put to him “we went to war in Iraq on a lie. And that lie was your lie”, he simply replies: “Yes.”

US officials “sexed up” Mr Janabi’s drawings of mobile biological weapons labs to make them more presentable, admits Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, General Powell’s former chief of staff. “I brought the White House team in to do the graphics,” he says, adding how “intelligence was being worked to fit around the policy”.

How “intelligence was being worked to fit around the policy,” indeed is the most important aspect of the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, and is without doubt what is being done in Washington, Doha, Riyadh, and Tel Aviv in regards to Syria now.

The “Curveball-style” lies told about Iraq are now being repeated about Syria by an increasingly unhinged West who has tried every trick in the book, and is flipping back to the beginning to start over again. The question is, can the world afford to be led down this path again, knowing exactly where it ends? Nations and people outside the Wall Street-London international order are tasked with foiling this criminal war of aggression – unable this time to plead ignorance to the West’s true intentions.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at
Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg. Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.

Jimmy Carter calls it the world’s best.

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Venezuela:  Post Election Sour Grapes

By  Stephen Lendman


Throughout his tenure, America’s scoundrel media

vilified Chavez


They did so straightaway.

After his December 1998 election, New York Times

Latin American


Larry Roher, called him a “populist demagogue, an


(strongman).” He lied saying so.

In death as in life, denunciation continued. Chavez was

hemispheric villain number one.

Independent leaders aren’t tolerated. The threat of a good

example concerns Washington

and media scoundrels most. They go all-out against it.

Candidate Nicolas Maduro was treated the same way.

Following his electoral

victory, expect unjustifiable condemnation to follow.

It’s standard scoundrel media


Pre-election, The New York Times quoted Washington

Office on Latin America’s

(WOLA) David Smilde, saying:

“He’s known as a yes man, and he’s somebody that

has never shown an

independent streak.”

Joy Olson is WOLA’s executive director. She’s a

frequent scoundrel media

commentator. She avoids discussing what matters


Smilde is a senior WOLA fellow. He specializes in

Venezuela. He and Olson distort

reality. They claim Venezuela’s “oil-financed social

policies are of questionable


“Lack of transparency and accountability threaten

them.” Venezuela’s “enormous

fiscal deficit (needs) to be addressed.”

The Times quoted an unnamed diplomat, saying:

“I always saw (Maduro) glued to Chavez. I always

saw him as a messenger, and

I never had a signal that would make me think he

was a leader.”

The Times said it’s “not clear what path (he’ll) follow

on his own.”

“Critics say” as foreign minister, he “judged” people

“by their loyalty to Mr. Chavez.”

Anti-Chavista Eloy Torres was quoted saying “(t)he

diplomatic profession was

politicized in the extreme. Today there are no more

professionals; there are

propagandists of the revolutionary process.”

On April 11, Washington Post editors headlined

“The reckoning after Venezuela’s

election,” saying:

Maduro’s “manifestly lacking in charisma….(He’ll)

go to extreme lengths to link

himself to his mentor….”

Declaring him acting president after Chavez’s death

“g(ave) him far-reaching

powers over spending and state media.”

“He regularly….hurls slanders at opposition leader”


“The armed forces and the state oil company….

unabashedly mobilized behind” him.

“The national election commission….ignored

complaints about these obvious

misuses of state resources, just as the

sworn-to-Chavez supreme court has

repeatedly enabled blatant constitutional violations.”

Maduro “recently declared that the response

(to him losing) would be a ‘popular

uprising.’ “

“He may come to rue his expected triumph.

Mr. Chavez left behind an extraordinary


Throughout his tenure, Chavez endured this type

vilification. Managed news

misinformation and lies substituted for truth and full

disclosure. Expect Maduro to fare

no better. Independent leaders are scorned.

Doing the right thing isn’t tolerated. Media liars attack

relentlessly. Chavez challenged

them straightaway. Expect Maduro to follow suit.

On April 12, Chicago Tribune editors headlined

“Chavez gone but candidates ensure

he’s not forgotten,” saying:

“So what’s his face doing on all those campaign posters?”

Why do political rallies “begin with a recording of (him)

singing the national anthem.”

“What’s with the television ad (showing his) smiling

visage winks from the heavens?”

“It’s all designed (to help his) hand-picked successor,

interim President Whatsisname.”

“We get it, we get it. He’s marketing himself as the

second coming of Hugo Chavez.”

“We just don’t get why voters would buy it.”

Tribune editors scorned Chavez viciously. They’re

treating Maduro the same way. It doesn’t surprise.

Expect much more vilification ahead.

Pre-election, Miami Herald editors headlined

“Venezuela’s chance to move forward,” saying:

Sunday’s election “promises to open a tumultuous

new chapter” in Venezuela’s history. Chavez’s name

isn’t on the ballot, “but his presence is everywhere.”

“This election is all about him and the legacy of a

decade-and-a-half of misrule.”

A litany of misinformation, exaggeration, and lies followed.

It didn’t surprise. It’s standard scoundrel media practice.

“For Venezuelans, the choice is clear,” Miami Herald editors


“They can move forward, restoring the democracy that

Venezuela once was, or they can watch their country continue

to deteriorate under a Chavez apprentice like the official

candidate, Nicolas Maduro, the hand-picked political heir….”

Chavez “created a political machine that sharply curtailed the possibility

that the official presidential candidate could lose.”

“The way (he won) and consolidated his grip on Venezuela is not secret.

He controlled all the levers of political power….”

“He stifled the independent news media and systematically dismantled

the independent institutions that could restrain his power, including the


“(H)e failed to create a path to prosperity for anyone except his political


Miami Herald editors matched the worst of Rupert Murdoch’s

demagoguery, right-wing extremism, and deplorable misinformation.

Hopefully their readers took note.

Wall Street Journal ones endure this type treatment daily. Mary O’Grady’s

their America’s commentator. She’s a notorious right-wing attack dog.

Journalism isn’t her long suit. Nor is truth and full disclosure.

She’s beholden to monied interests. They own her. Her credibility is sorely

lacking. She substitutes disinformation for facts. She formerly worked for

Advest, Inc., Thomson McKinnon Securities and Merrill Lynch before its


She’s a Journal editorial board member. She’s closely linked to the Heritage

Foundation. It’s a notorious right-wing think tank. It supports neoliberal

harshness. Wealth, power and privilege alone matter. O’Grady marches

in lockstep.

She wins awards for commentary deception. Lying pays well. Truth-telling

is orphaned. It doesn’t surprise.

Her columns appear Mondays. Her latest headlined “Venezuela’s Cuban

Election,” saying:

“….Cuba-trained ideologue” Maduro represented the United Socialist Party

of Venezuela (PSUV).

“As we went to press, returns were not yet in.”

The chavistas have been using state power to cheat, intimidate and spend

themselves first across the finish line for more than a decade.”

“International observers were prohibited from sending missions to Venezuela, and

Mr. Capriles was denied access to almost all television and radio stations during

the campaign.”

Fact check

Venezuela’s the hemisphere’s most open society. America pales by comparison.

Free expression is cherished. It’s constitutionally mandated.

Venezuela’s Law of Social Responsibility affirms it. Censorship doesn’t exist.

Dissent is tolerated. So is responsible programming and journalism.

Corporate owners dominate Venezuela’s media. Short of advocating sedition

or treason, they’re free to publish or air what they wish. They take full

advantage. They do irresponsibly. They get away with it repeatedly. Press

freedom is cherished.

Maduro was unfairly criticized. His Bolivarian message got short shrift.

Capriles got lots of coverage. It’s standard corporate media practice.

Sunday’s election was closely monitored. The Carter Center sent a

delegation. So did 170 international organizations. Over 3,400 observers

participated. O’Grady lied claiming otherwise.

She falsely said “Havana made sure it held considerable sway over”

Sunday’s election.

She quoted Spanish newspaper ABC. It’s scandalously right-wing.

Maduro calls it “Franco-ist.” Its anti-Chavista reports are scurrilous.

It claimed Cuba “sen(t) a detachment of agents for electoral control

that could reach 2,500 officers….”

Election monitors called Sunday’s process open, free and fair. It’s the

hemisphere’s best. Jimmy Carter calls it the world’s best. It shames

America’s sham process.

Voters get the best democracy money can buy. Venezuelans get the

real thing. Don’t expect O’Grady and other media scoundrels to explain.

She claims Cuban doctors, nurses, other medical professionals,

teachers, and others performing volunteer services provide “cover to hide”

Cuba’s control.

She blew her own cover quoting Cuba’s chief of missions. He said

they’re there “to ensure our commitment; up until now we have been

giving our all. (We) now are ready to give even our lives, our blood, if

(it’s) needed for this revolution.”

Bolivarianism’s real. It’s vital. It’s revolutionary. It’s participatory

democracy at its best. It’s social democracy benefits everyone. Don’t

expect O’Grady or other media scoundrels to explain.

She said in “a fair fight,” Capriles “might have won easily….The Maduro

campaign relied heavily on emotion to counteract apathy for its candidate.”

She falsely claimed the PSUV had pass codes able “to sabotage the

voting process….The head of the opposition coalition said (it wouldn’t)

affect vote tallies, but it could be used to slow the process.”

At 11:20PM Sunday night, 99.2% of millions of votes were tallied. O’Grady’s

predicted slowdown didn’t happen.

“Electronic voting machines provide plenty of other opportunities for

shenanigans,” she said. America’s corporate-controlled ones for sure do.

Manipulation controls things. Vetting isn’t done. Verifiable receipts aren’t

provided. Reliable recounts aren’t possible. Votes cast for candidate A

can count twice for candidate B. There’s no way to check.

Corporate run machines are inherently flawed. They’re designed that way.

They’re used to steal.

Venezuela uses Smartmatic touchscreen electronic voting machines.

They’re reliable. They’re designed to eliminate tampering.

They provide verifiable paper ballot receipts. They’re a permanent record.

CNE saves them. They’re available if credible recounts are needed.

O’Grady claims otherwise. Sunday’s election “told us very little about the

real preferences of the Venezuelan electorate,” she said.

Her commentaries are deplorably disingenuous. Her readers are

systematically lied to. Why they follow her, they’ll have to explain.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago.

He can be reached at

His new book is titled

“Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests

on the Progressive Radio News Hour

on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays

at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

If … WE want … Peace ?

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thanks again to Tony Cartalucci …

Key to Peace in Korea – Remove US Presence

Tony Cartalucci
Activist Post

On March 26, 2010, the ROKS Cheonan is hit by what appears to be a German-made torpedo, sinks while claiming the lives of 46 South Korean sailors. The world, America at the lead, was quick to point its finger at North Korea before South Korea itself ruled them out as a suspect. North Korea adamantly insisted it was not behind the attack, and despite their paranoid and isolated posture, little beyond insanity could serve as a motive.

Despite evidence adding up otherwise, to no one’s surprise a joint “international” investigation by the US, UK, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Sweden would later conclude that a North Korean submarine was the culprit, leaving even most South Koreans skeptical.

During this period of time, America’s position in Asia Pacific was already waning. Endless war in Central Asia and the Middle East, along with a deepening economic crisis in the West allowed other actors to begin eyeing the seemingly inevitable void soon to be left. Japan under then Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, began reasserting itself over unpopular US military installations scattered throughout the nation. China was continuing to expand its economic and diplomatic influence in the region, luring in even America’s traditional allies like Australia and Thailand.

The sinking of the ROKS Cheonan then “serendipitously” served as a reminder as to why America claims their troops and influence are needed in the region for “peace and security.”

The Korean Won tumbled as the US Dollar was temporarily bolstered and Japanese PM Hatoyama not only conceded to US demands regarding US installations, but would also resign over the matter. Literally citing the mysterious, still unsolved sinking of the Cheonan, Washington insisted its need to reassert itself in Asia to counter North Korea, if not for any other reason.

North Korea, either out of shadowy complicity or because of its paranoid predictable nature, became America’s greatest ally in many ways.

November 2010, a similar scenario played out after an artillery exchange between North and South Korea which claimed several lives. America was again bolstered in its highly tenuous position not only in Asia as a whole, but on the Korean Peninsula itself, having been rebuffed on the US-Korean FTA and facing the possibility of US banking interests meeting with Tobin taxes in Korean markets.

South Korean leadership now admits they were conducting joint US-Korean live fire exercises close to highly contested waters in the Yellow Sea before the exchange took place. North Korea maintains this incident was intentionally provoked, as was the sinking of the Cheonan, as contrived incidents of opportunity for the waning American empire to reassert itself.

And like the sinking of the Cheonan, America once again renewed the rhetorical lease on its presence in Asia Pacific.

America’s “Asia Pivot”

Fast forward to today, 2013, and the openly declared US policy entitled, the “pivot toward Asia.”  Built upon the ultimate goal of encircling and containing China, it hinges on special interests cobbling Southeast Asia into a regional European Union-style bloc to then be used economically, politically, and militarily against China. In fact, in recent island disputes, this ASEAN bloc is already being tested out as a collective proxy to maintain US hegemony in Asia Pacific.

While the “pivot” appears to be “new” US foreign policy, it is deeply rooted in long-conspired hegemonic ambitions. As far back as 1997, America corporate-financier think-tanks had been documenting their intentions to pursue just such a containment policy with the expressed goal of maintaining American dominance across Asia Pacific. Neo-Con policy maker Robert Kagan penned a fairly insightful 1997 piece in the Weekly Standard titled, “What China Knows That We Don’t: The Case for a New Strategy of Containment,” where he discusses the prospects of an effective containment strategy coupled with the baited hook of luring China into its place among the “international order.”

In Kagan’s1997 piece, he literally states (emphasis added):

The present world order serves the needs of the United States and its allies, which constructed it. And it is poorly suited to the needs of a Chinese dictatorship trying to maintain power at home and increase its clout abroad. Chinese leaders chafe at the constraints on them and worry that they must change the rules of the international system before the international system changes them.

Here, Kagan openly admits that the “world order,” or the “international order,” is simply American-run global hegemony, dictated by US interests. These interests, it should be kept in mind, are not those of the American people, but of the immense corporate-financier interests of the Anglo-American establishment. Kagan continues (emphasis added):

In truth, the debate over whether we should or should not contain China is a bit silly. We are already containing China — not always consciously and not entirely successfully, but enough to annoy Chinese leaders and be an obstacle to their ambitions. When the Chinese used military maneuvers and ballistic-missile tests last March to intimidate Taiwanese voters, the United States responded by sending the Seventh Fleet. By this show of force, the U.S. demonstrated to Taiwan, Japan, and the rest of our Asian allies that our role as their defender in the region had not diminished as much as they might have feared. Thus, in response to a single Chinese exercise of muscle, the links of containment became visible and were tightened.

The new China hands insist that the United States needs to explain to the Chinese that its goal is merely, as [Robert] Zoellick writes, to avoid “the domination of East Asia by any power or group of powers hostile to the United States.” Our treaties with Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Australia, and our naval and military forces in the region, aim only at regional stability, not aggressive encirclement.

But the Chinese understand U.S. interests perfectly well, perhaps better than we do. While they welcome the U.S. presence as a check on Japan, the nation they fear most, they can see clearly that America’s military and diplomatic efforts in the region severely limit their own ability to become the region’s hegemon. According to Thomas J. Christensen, who spent several months interviewing Chinese military and civilian government analysts, Chinese leaders worry that they will “play Gulliver to Southeast Asia’s Lilliputians, with the United States supplying the rope and stakes.”

Indeed, the United States blocks Chinese ambitions merely by supporting what we like to call “international norms” of behavior. Christensen points out that Chinese strategic thinkers consider “complaints about China’s violations of international norms” to be part of “an integrated Western strategy, led by Washington, to prevent China from becoming a great power.

What Kagan is talking about is maintaining American preeminence across all of Asia and producing a strategy of tension to divide and limit the power of any single player vis-a-vis Wall Street and London’s hegemony. Kagan would continue (emphasis added):

The changes in the external and internal behavior of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s resulted at least in part from an American strategy that might be called “integration through containment and pressure for change.”

Such a strategy needs to be applied to China today. As long as China maintains its present form of government, it cannot be peacefully integrated into the international order. For China’s current leaders, it is too risky to play by our rules — yet our unwillingness to force them to play by our rules is too risky for the health of the international order. The United States cannot and should not be willing to upset the international order in the mistaken belief that accommodation is the best way to avoid a confrontation with China.

We should hold the line instead and work for political change in Beijing. That means strengthening our military capabilities in the region, improving our security ties with friends and allies, and making clear that we will respond, with force if necessary, when China uses military intimidation or aggression to achieve its regional ambitions. It also means not trading with the Chinese military or doing business with firms the military owns or operates. And it means imposing stiff sanctions when we catch China engaging in nuclear proliferation.

A successful containment strategy will require increasing, not decreasing, our overall defense capabilities. Eyre Crowe warned in 1907 that “the more we talk of the necessity of economising on our armaments, the more firmly will the Germans believe that we are tiring of the struggle, and that they will win by going on.” Today, the perception of our military decline is already shaping Chinese calculations. In 1992, an internal Chinese government document said that America’s “strength is in relative decline and that there are limits to what it can do.” This perception needs to be dispelled as quickly as possible.

Clearly, however, this “perception” of US military decline has only been heightened as the Wall Street-London financier model of “economic growth” has been revealed as an untenable global Ponzi scheme versus the Chinese model of industrial production and infrastructure expansion. The military might  required to contain China is also politically and economically unjustifiable, and increasingly so.

Image: From the Strategic Studies Institute’s 2006 “String of Pearls” report detailing a strategy of containment for China, the evolution of Kagan’s 1997 paper, and the strategic foundation for much of the engineered violence now unraveling along the “string of pearls” from Pakistan to Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia, to the islands of the South China Sea.

It appears possible that US policy makers committed to a losing strategy based on inaccurate interpretations and projections regarding the collapse of the Soviet Union and its comparison to the Chinese. US policy makers have led the populations of Western civilization down a dead-end in pursuit of global hegemony instead of one of domestic economic and technological progress, and now depend on a steady diet of contrived crises the West can then play a role in “stabilizing.”

Perpetuating and Harnessing North Korean Paranoia & Belligerence

A reverse in the West’s decline is unlikely especially when the prescription is more of the same uninspired, antiquated policies that created the decline in the first place. Cultivating animosity between Southeast Asia and China, as well as depending on the predictable belligerence of North Korea are two of the remaining tricks Wall Street and London have left to justify their continued presence in Asia – both of which serve only to destabilize the region and jeopardize the collective peace and prosperity of people all across Asia.

North Korea’s belligerence in particular, is directly proportional to the US’ meddling on the Korean Peninsula. It should be noted that the US State Department, starting in 2008, had been training North Korean “activists” alongside those who would take part in the US-engineered “Arab Spring.” In Foreign Policy’s 2011 article “Revolution U,” where the story of US-funded and trained “activism” is told, North Korean activists are mentioned several times as recipients of the same US State Department training used by proxies to help overthrow the governments of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt – all three it should be mentioned are now brutal sectarian dictatorships bent in service to the IMF and Western interests, that make their excised predecessors look progressive in comparison.

To what extent these “activists” have sowed unrest inside North Korea upon their return is unknown – but it represents one of the many covert means the US can prod the North with to provoke what would appear to be otherwise “unprovoked” aggression.

Like ship sails to the wind, American foreign policy makers are outstretched and ready to harness North Korea’s belligerence, and in the case of the Cheonan’s sinking or the training of “activists” to return home and sow unrest, apparently blow on the sails themselves when the winds are calm. A reclusive hereditary communist dictatorship sounds scary, but those with no qualms utilizing such a dictatorship at the risk of regional or world war, are even scarier.

Worth repeating, was Donald Rumsfeld’s position on the board of directors of ABB out of Zurich, when the engineering firm sold North Korea the nuclear technology they later used as the basis of their nuclear arms program. Rumsfeld would then later, as Secretary of Defense in the ever revolving door between big business and corporate-fascist government, leverage the enhanced menace of North Korea against America’s supposed ally in the south.

This reality highlights that the stability America represents in Asia Pacific is not one of rule of law and healthy foreign diplomacy, but rather one of holding stability over the head of the region with the constant threat of unhinging peace through carefully arranged events, be it staging Maoist color revolutions in Bangkok, funding the Khmer Rouge, in 2010 training land grabbing troops in Cambodia, or repeatedly provoking an unstable military dictatorship on the Korean Peninsula.

The Key to Peace in Asia – Remove America’s Presence

If China, Japan, or South Korea can offer a substantial alternative focused on cooperation without the need to mercilessly strip national sovereignty and force integration politically and economically as the West’s ASEAN and AEC are poised to do, then the manipulative invasive nature of the Anglo-American banking elite and their already collapsing global order, no matter how much peace America manages or threatens to unhinge, will be all but expelled from the region.

The key to peace in Korea, and across greater Asia, is removing entirely and permanently the hegemonic influence of Wall Street and London. National governments can achieve this by cultivating a more independent, self-sufficient, inward-looking socioeconomic strategy that uses foreign trade more as a supplement for a strong, domestic economy. Individually, people across Asia need to recognize the special interests lurking behind the roll-out of ASEAN and the subsequent ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) – and how it represents in no way the interests of the people of Southeast Asia – and how it will lead to a protracted and destructive confrontation with China over many years to come.

The alleged opportunities ASEAN and AEC has promised, like those the European Union promised and promptly broke for millions of Europeans, can easily be replaced by more sustainable, local development – much of which is already present and expanding across Asia. The illusion of “Pax Americana” is one insidiously maintained by the Wall Street-London elite who both create the “problems” and then convenient “solutions” in an increasingly transparent regional racket akin to gangsters extorting protection money from local neighborhood shops. Asia outnumbers and overpowers the crumbling Wall Street-London international order many times over – now is the time they remove this manipulative regressive influence from their midst once and for all.

Tony Cartalucci’s articles have appeared on many alternative media websites, including his own at Land Destroyer Report, Alternative Thai News Network and LocalOrg. Read other contributed articles by Tony Cartalucci here.

How can Americans determine … their Future ?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Thanks to Joe Kress for this truth …


By Joe Kress

April 6, 2013

Looking back to the beginning when Cain murdered Able, one thing is clear – mankind is flawed and just can’t keep from repeating the same old sins. We seem to forget too easily who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going. Why is this so? Because the Bible in the Old Testament points out our flaws, but free interpretation obfuscates the message and over three quarters of the world’s population never read it and those that do don’t follow it. Why else would France, Germany, Russia, China and the United States governments condone abortion, systematically persist in depleting their populations through contraceptives, homosexual practices, delayed pregnancies to satisfy creature comforts; divorce, self-gratification, obesity, magic diet pills instead of exercise; repeated involvement in wars and belief in the oxymoron idea that democracy or communism somehow will fit all governments and all people, fiendish weapons and Luciferian greed develop as time progresses. In North Korea starvation is a means of population control.

The current terms mentioned in publications by the modern-day, wordsmithians’ juxtapositions to make obnoxious ideas more palatable for public digestion – words like “modernism” and “progressivism” are designed to mislead the public. The French Revolution was born out of chaos and from it the creation of an idea stemming back to Rome’s Caesars who declared that they were God(s). In other words, Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminists were birthed when he and his cult took over the Jacobins and launched mass slaughter and the overthrow of the monarchy and civilization as then existed. The populace gave up the idea of a Divine Being and adopted that each man is godlike thus enjoying the antics of the Head Choppers.

The result was not only affecting monarchies but religion and ethics, St. Thomas Aquinas logic and St. Anthony’s ideals of charity were substituted by Atheism, Free Masonry and Communism. All in one way or another led to the idea of a new Tower of Babel, a goal for utopian world government and mankind’s salvation. The problem being that liberty, fraternity, solidarity are impossible pillars. In order to have liberty one must have its own discipline – not be disciplined. Solidarity means belonging to a whole which in itself creates a discipline, but by whom? Fraternity means friends belonging to the same screed. Excluding outsiders is contrary to democracy and ferments autocracy.

Looking back to the period emerging from the fall of Rome and the dark ages, mankind was in the process of once again returning to being civilized through the influence of the Church. This was much different from that of Rome’s cruelty, repeated wars and corrupt senates, but early reformation retained severe religious condemnations where confessed sinners were ordered to stand in front of a church in sack cloth and ashes for a determined period of exposition.

Conversely, the populace still retained the same enthusiasm as did the Romans in the Coliseum and still retained the same perverse desire for macabre public entertainment. No they didn’t approve crucifixions, or being eaten by wild animals, or gladiators fighting to the death. They gathered to watch the practice of drawing and quartering. For those unfamiliar with that grotesque punishment, the executioner stood by while the prosecutor read the charges.

Afterwards, the victim was strung up by the neck by a rope and tightened just enough not to choke to kill during the procedure. Before the victim reached the point of expiring, he or she was laid on a table before the crowd. At that point, the execution becomes messy when the executioner takes a long-handle, sharpened scythe and proceeded to cut the individual just below the breastbone through the stomach and bowls ending at the groin. Sometimes, the victim was again hung up and guts spilled out of the body cavity or sometimes a more “humane” end a coup de grace ended by decapitating the head.

During the inquisitions of the middle ages, the rack, red hot iron tongs and the Iron Maiden were the vogue of the day. Of course in the name of religion, the nine crusades began with the purpose of regaining the Holy Grail and the conversion of the followers of Mohamed. History records that the crusaders waded knee deep in blood.

In America, the religious pilgrims and those that followed did not hold to the pillory, witch burning but slaughtered Indians for their lands.

Our modern day, least humane homo-sapiens use water boarding to extract confessions or in the case of Abu Ghraib prison where captured Iraqi suspects were exposed to demeaning, humiliating practices that added insults to their Muslim Faith. That was just child’s play to hanging the subjects by the ankles and dislocating shoulders, arms and hips to obtain a confession. Are we really more civilized? We sure are because Abu Ghraib is condemned, but instead we turn over foreign suspects to foreign torture experts. Are we more civilized? What about Shock and Awe bombing, the indiscriminate bombing of civilian and military Iraqis as a preliminary softening up before the actual invasion by our troops? That exercise removed over a hundred thousand souls from the living and for what purpose? Saddam had no nuclear or poison gas storage areas as reported in the newspapers. That was the reason for the invasion. Did our intelligence sources fail miserably or was the real reason Iraqi oil?

Were we more civilized near the end of WW II when Franklyn D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill allowed (ordered) the bombing and strafing of the civilians in Dresden, Germany just a few days before the end of the war? The mustangs repeatedly machine gunned scurrying civilians in the parks, the only place to congregate and sleep. The bombing of Dresden, once one of the most beautiful cities in the world on a par with Paris and Rome, was a final act of revenge for Hitler’s bombing of London and other British cities.

The meeting at Potsdam (July 1945) between Harry Truman, Stalin and Churchill was complete capitulation to Stalin in dividing up the spoils of war, including the forcing of whole populations who escaped from the clutches behind the Soviet advance by entering the American sphere of military control only to be forced back behind the Iron Curtain and to the Soviet gulags and death camps was known as “Operation Keelhaul.”

General Eisenhower ordered all those captured in arms as enemy and not subject to the rules of war and the Geneva Convention. As such, they were put in open fields, during the winter months, without food, water or warm clothing. Thousands perished at a rate of 2% a week. Later, he forced all German prisoners within the American zone, to be considered in the same category as those captured in arms, because they fought the NATO forces. Many were little boys not much older than eleven years old. General Patton, released his prisoners, but was reprimanded by Eisenhower and forced to return as many as he could to the imprisonment areas of open fields.

The French, under General De Gaul followed Eisenhower’s example within its zone. The British were more lenient and fed, clothed and housed their prisoners and refused to accept more. When Eisenhower left for Washington to plan the occupation and governance of the defeated enemy, General Beatle Smith released many of the American captured in arms prisoners, but upon Eisenhower’s return, he too was ordered to return them to the open holding areas. It was the rumor that Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau influenced Eisenhower because of the treatment of Jews by the Nazis. An act of revenge.

Sun Tzu, the Chinese general who lived 2,500 years ago was more humane than some WW II generals. Alexander even offered captured cities the opportunity to join his forces, as did Sun Tzu, otherwise they destroyed them and the entire populations to insure that they would not rise up against them behind the lines. It wasn’t revenge; it was tactics.

Has mankind really changed? Has our government learned one damn thing since WW I, WW II, The Korean non-war war, the Viet Nam non-war war, the non-war war in Iraq, which left the country in ruins, its civilian population decimated, its people disillusioned and under control of Shea factions having a never-ending hatred of Americans for what they wrought on their lives? Since WWII, we have been embroiled in conflicts stemming from Teddy Roosevelt’s manifest destiny for America and the New World Order where The United States is to be the protector of the “freedom loving world” until the Blue Helmeted U.N troops replace us not only in continued battles for peace, but are stationed here in our country. The fact is we never were meant to win these non-war wars and from the looks of it we are about to lose Afghanistan only to be embroiled in a new war against Iran to save Israeli bacon. We are in a state of national bankruptcy, both morally and physically and our advisories salivate at the opportunity to collect their debts held as collateral in land, minerals, oil and our forests.

Our military have become goats for the establishment. They are asked to give blood and sacrifice while a dummied down, misinformed, ignorant, purposely created education system deleted civics, substituted nationalism for globalism and trashes the American Constitution. Our department of education with government approval deleted God from the human equation. Our White House resident supports contraception, abortion, and gun control and promotes an invasion of illegal civilians, of which many are here to feed off of our welfare system or rob and murder and import illegal drugs into our society.

Like the ancient Roman Senate we have been governed by self-serving, grasping fools led by presidents devoted to world government. Our people have become not only ignorant, but dependent on those in government who would make them mendicants slaves. Our propaganda system in Hollywood has offered violence and sex to weaken our morals; our national news is filtered by the owners of the press who support one world government and Marx; our children are fed pabulum and electronic games instead of education about the rights that our forefathers bequeathed to us, especially the 1st and2nd Amendments of free speech and protection from an out-of-control dictatorship type government which is now the vogue.

For too long complacency has been the mantra of a people who are willing to sit by; make money and enjoy luxury on credit, while their progeny, for generations to come, will suffer untold hell emanating from ancestral greed. All are the result of public apathy and lack of citizen participation in government at the local level where all politics begin.

Is it too late or are we to suffer a wretched future that our forefathers predicted because we refused to follow their advice?

© 2013 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved

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The “Curmudgeon,” Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD’s Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.

Why “We the People” always need the whole truth !

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Thanks to Greg Palast

Bradley Manning & The Deepwater Horizon
By Greg Palast for Vice Magazine
Wednesday, 3. April 2013

Three years ago this month, on the 20th of April, 2010, the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew itself to kingdom come.

Soon thereafter, a message came in to our office’s chief of investigations, Ms Badpenny, from a person I dare not name, who was floating somewhere in the Caspian Sea along the coast of Baku, Central Asia.

The source was in mortal fear he’d be identified – and with good reason. Once we agreed on a safe method of communication, he revealed this: 17 months before BP’s Deepwater Horizon blew out and exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP rig suffered an identical blow-out in the Caspian Sea.

Crucially, both the Gulf and Caspian Sea blow-outs had the same identical cause: the failure of the cement “plug”.

To prevent blow-outs, drilled wells must be capped with cement. BP insisted on lacing its cement with nitrogen gas – the same stuff used in laughing gas – because it speeds up drying.

Time is money, and mixing some nitrogen gas into the cement saves a lot of money.

However, because BP’s penny-pinching method is so damn dangerous, they are nearly alone in using it in deep, high-pressure offshore wells.

The reason: nitrogen gas can create gaps in the cement, allow methane gas to go up the borehole, fill the drilling platform with explosive gas – and boom, you’re dead.

So, when its Caspian Sea rig blew out in 2008, rather than change its ways, BP simply covered it up.

Our investigators discovered that the company hid the information from its own shareholders, from British regulators and from the US Securities Exchange Commission. The Vice-President of BP USA, David Rainey, withheld the information from the US Senate in a testimony he gave six months before the Gulf deaths. (Rainey was later charged with obstruction of justice on a spill-related matter.)

Britain’s Channel 4 agreed to send me to the benighted nation of Azerbaijan, whose waters the earlier BP blow-out occurred in, to locate witnesses who would be willing to talk to me without getting “disappeared”. (They didn’t talk, but they still disappeared.)

And I was arrested. Some rat had tipped off the Security Ministry (the official name of the Department of Torture here in this Islamic Republic of BP). I knew I’d get out quick, because throwing a reporter of Her Majesty’s Empire into a dungeon would embarrass both BP and the Azeri oil-o-crats.

The gendarmes demanded our film, but I wasn’t overly concerned: Before I left London, Badpenny handed me one of those Austin Powers camera-in-pens, on which I’d loaded all I needed. But I did fear for my witnesses left behind in Azerbaijan – and for my source in a tiger cage in the USA: Pvt Bradley Manning.

Manning could have saved their lives
Only after I dove into deep water in Baku did I discover, trolling through the so-called “WikiLeaks” documents, secret State Department cables released by Manning. The information was stunning: the US State Department knew about the BP blow-out in the Caspian and joined in the cover-up.

Apparently BP refused to tell its own partners, Chevron and Exxon, why the lucrative Caspian oil flow had stopped. Chevron bitched to the office of the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. (George Bush’s cabinet member should not be confused with the 129,000-tonne oil tanker “Condoleezza Rice”, which Chevron named after their former board member.)

The US Ambassador in Baku got Chevron the answer: a blow-out of the nitrogen-laced cement cap on a giant Caspian Sea platform. The information was marked “SECRET”. Apparently loose lips about sinking ships would help neither Chevron nor the Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, the beneficiary of millions of dollars in payments of oil company baksheesh.

So what about Bradley Manning?

Manning has been charged with “aiding the enemy” – a crime punishable by death.

But Manning’s sole and only purpose was to get out the truth. It wasn’t Manning who wrote the cover-up memos, he merely wanted to get them to the victims: us.

And since when did the public become “the enemy”?

Had Manning’s memos come out just a few months earlier, the truth about BP’s deadly drilling methods would have been revealed, and there’s little doubt BP would have had to change its ways. Those eleven men could well have been alive today.

Did Manning know about this particular hush-hush cable about BP’s blow-out when he decided he had to become Paul Revere and warn the planet?

That’s unlikely, in the thousands of cables he had. But he’d seen enough evidence of murder and mendacity in other cables, so, as Manning, under oath, told a court, he tried to give it all to the New York Times to have knowledgeable reporters review the cables confidentially for life-saving information.

The New York Times immediately seized on this extraordinary opportunity… to ignore Manning. The Times only ran it when the Guardian was going to scoop – and embarrass – the New York hacks.

Though there are limits. While reporter David Leigh put the story of BP’s prior blow-out on page one of the Guardian, neither the New York Times or any other major US news outlet ran the story of the blow-out and oil industry cover-up. No surprise there, though – the most “prestigious” US news programme, PBS Newshour, was sponsored by… Chevron Corporation.

Hanging their source while taking his applause
As a working journalist, and one whose head is likely to be in the foggy gun-sights of some jet jockey or a dictator’s goon squad, I have more than a little distaste for toffs like New York Times‘ former executive editor, columnist Bill Keller, who used Manning documents to cash in on a book deal and land star turns on television while simultaneously smearing his source Manning as, “troubled”, “emotionally fractured”, “vague”, “inchoate” and – cover the children’s ears – “gay”.

Furthermore, while preening about their revelations from the Manning documents, the Times had no problem with imprisoning their source. I do acknowledge that the Times and Keller did editorialise that a sentence of life imprisonment without parole would be “overkill”. How white of them.

When it was mentioned that Manning is no different from Daniel Ellsberg, the CIA operative who released the Pentagon Papers, Keller reassured that the Times also told Ellsberg he was “on his own” and did not object to their source being charged as a spy.

And the Times‘ much-lauded exposure of the My Lai massacre? My late good friend, the great investigative reporter Ron Ridenhour, who gave the story to Seymour Hersh, told me that he and Hersh had to effectively blackmail the Times into printing it.

Manning: aid to the enemy?
Times man Keller writes that Manning, by going to “anti-American” WikiLeaks, threatened the release of, “information that might get troops in the field or innocent informants killed”.


This is the same Bill Keller who admits that he knew his paper’s reports in 2003 that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction were completely false, but that he – as editor – covered up his paper’s knowledge their WDM stories were simply bogus. Those stories validated the Bush propaganda and helped tip the political balance to invade Iraq. Four-thousand US soldiers died. I guess the idea is that releasing information that kills troops is criminal, but that dis-information that kills troops is quite acceptable.

Maybe I’m just cranky because I wouldn’t have seen my own sources vanish and my film grabbed if the Times had only run the Manning facts about BP and Caspian when they had the chance.

Look, I’m only picking on the New York Times and PBS Newshour because they are the best in America, God help us.

What other lives could have been saved by the Manning revelations? Lots. Watch this space: I promise more aid to the enemies of the state – which is YOU.

“for truth has fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.” Isaiah 59:14

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Thanks to   “WorldNetDaily”  for this important information.

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Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam

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Topic: Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam

Posted By: News Editor
Subject: Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam
Date Posted: 06/18/2011 at 5:21pm

Jack and Rexella Van Impe have ended their 23-year relationship with TBN. They say they just need 14 stations to take its place. The contracts are about to be signed.

Van Impe Ministry Abandons TBN in Clash Over Islam

by Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily

TROY, MI – A Christian ministry’s decision to expose as “false teachers” several celebrity ministers it believes are corrupting biblical teachings has prompted a rift, with Jack Van Impe Ministries dropping plans to work in the future with Trinity Broadcasting Network, where it has broadcast for more than two decades.

“I Will Not Be Silenced! I will not allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot preach,” Van Impe said in a statement when TBN would not allow his program to air.

“When I see heretical teaching leading to apostasy, I will speak out,” he said. “The Bible says ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:’ (II Timothy 3:16). The Apostle Paul also gives instructions in Titus 1:9-11, 13 ‘Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers … Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake…Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.'”

Van Impe said he immediately called his media agents and told them, “I no longer wanted to air my program on Trinity Broadcasting Network; we will take the tremendous amount of money that we were spending there to obtain new stations that will allow us to continue to reach every square mile of America with the truths of the Bible without this network.”

The dispute arose over the issue of advocating for “Chrislam” and other efforts that are designed to find “common ground” between Christians and Muslims. TBN declined to air one of Van Impe’s programs that contained sharp criticisms of leaders such as Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life fame and Robert Schuller.

In a statement from Van Impe Ministries today, Executive Director Ken Vancil said his organization rejected an effort by TBN to reinstate the programming and would work to develop alternative broadcast outlets where they were needed.

“We would not be able to minister effectively if we had to look over our shoulder wondering if a program was going to be censored because of mentioning a name,” Vancil said. “While there is hurt over this incident, we hold no animosity towards TBN. Dr. Van Impe has often expressed his appreciation to Paul and Jan (Crouch, of TBN) and all that they have accomplished.”

But he confirmed that Paul Crouch Sr. “cautioned” him as recently as Monday “regarding Dr. Van Impe’s naming of names and publicly rebuking ministers and their teachings.”

The dispute erupted just last week, when Van Impe’s ministry planned to air sharp criticism of Christians who say they want to “reach out” by incorporating beliefs or practices of Islam into their Christian organizations.

The program specifically mentioned Warren and Schuller, prompting TBN to prevent the broadcast.

“We received a call from Matt Crouch of TBN informing us that they would not run that program. … The reason he gave was that we specifically mentioned Rick Warren and Robert Schuller and that it is TBN’s policy that broadcasters are not allowed to rebuke other ministries,” Van Impe said.

“This is a rather hypocritical statement in light of the fact that they have never said anything in the past when we have rebuked others such as Bishop Spong, Bishop Pike, and in the past few months Harold Camping and Rob Bell,” he continued. “They also stated that they would not run any future program where we offered our DVD Reclaiming & Restoring Biblical Christianity as a premium for a donation to our ministry. A DVD that exposes false teachers and the heresies that they proclaim.”

TBN did not respond to WND’s request for comment on the dispute.

Vancil said after TBN’s decision not to air the program that there was no future between the two groups.

“This was not an easy decision; we have had a relationship with TBN for 23 years. … But at this point we feel it is time to part ways,” he said. “We have been able to over the years develop an independent network of broadcast stations all across America as well as broadcasting on TBN and Daystar. Our media agents have worked diligently and determined that we need to add 14 stations to be able to continue fully covering every mile of America.

“Praise God I am pleased to announce that negotiations have progressed in these 14 markets and that contracts will be presented to the Van Impes for approval in a matter of days,” he said. – In the program that was cut, which remains available on the Jack Van Impe Ministries website, the ministry launches its campaign regarding “apostate ministers.”

Van Impe explains that the Bible prophesies a one-world government and a one-world religion during the end times, and his concern focuses on the move among some Christian organizations to adopt some Islamic thought and incorporate elements of Islam into their worship.

“We’ve got too many of these mush-mouth preachers. All they’re doing is two stories and a movie review,” he said. But the Bible actually outlines that its messages also are to “reprove and rebuke” Christians for failing to live for God.

According to the broadcast, “Chrislam is a term that may be used more often among apostate churches.”

Such Islamic and evangelical Christian leaders, the report explained, are working to find a way to promote “common beliefs the two religions supposedly share.”

Specifically cited were Warren and Schuller. – During a subsequent broadcast, also available on the ministry’s website, the advance of “Chrislam” thoughts and practices into Christian churches was described as a “tsunami of compromise.”

“This compromise is going to permeate Christianity,” Van Impe said. “I’m calling for the old-time religion to be restored.

“God called me to preach. And I will not stand down for any man, for any church, for any Christian organization,” he said.

The report noted that there are some Christian missionaries overseas who have “eliminated 91 verses in God’s Holy Word because they wanted to please Islam and the Muslims.”

Those references identify Jesus as the Son of God.

Other developments include moves by some Christian churches to remove clear Christian emblems such as crosses.

He said what churches need today is that “old time religion” and less “self-esteem psycho-babble.”

Criticized on the program were recommendations attributed to Warren that churches change music to a contemporary rock style, eliminate hymnbooks and the choir, eliminate the Sunday evening or Wednesday prayer services, remove the word “church” and refer to it as a “campus,” and reduce the use of the words “unsaved,” “lost,” “hell” and “heaven.”

Other ministries have voiced criticism similar to Van Impe’s.

Joe Schimmel, senior pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in Southern California and chief of the Good Fight Ministries, – openly has questioned whether church leaders are affirming Allah.

Schimmel, who is best known for They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll, which exposes satanic influences behind much of yesterday and today’s popular music and how it negatively influences youth, suggested in a WND column, “Could it be that we are witnessing the formation of the prophesied one-world religion under the Antichrist? (Revelation 13:1-18) ”

He cited Brian McLaren of the emerging church movement, who planned for an Islamic Ramadan celebration. And he mentioned Warren’s agreement to address the Islamic Society of North America, which “the Department of Justice categorized two years ago as a co-conspirator in financing a foreign terrorist group!”

Another church leader, Tony Campolo, “a proponent of the so-called ‘evangelical left’ claimed that ‘even if’ Muslims ‘don’t convert, they are God’s people,'” Schimmel wrote.

“Even more chilling is the fact that over 300 prominent Christian leaders signed a letter issued by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture claiming that world peace is dependent on Muslims and Christians recognizing ‘Allah’ and ‘Yahweh’ as the same God. This letter, titled ‘Loving God and Neighbor Together,’ was written in response to a signed document by 138 Muslim leaders titled ‘A Common Word Between Us and You.’ McLaren, Warren, Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels were just several of the signatories to this outright betrayal of Christ!” he said.

TBN previously had a conflict over its intolerance for criticism of Islam. It was in 2006 when Hal Lindsey, WND columnist and one of the world’s most popular non-fiction authors, clashed with the network because TBN wanted him to soften his views on Muslims. Lindsey refused. – Link

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